The Authors Show: International internet radio interview 13th August 2019

The Authors Show International Internet Radio Interview Scheduled for 13th August 2019

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

I’m so excited to be interviewed on the prestigious Author Show – the International Internet Radio show specifically for authors.

My interview will be broadcast on 13th August 2019 at 12.01am EST for 24 hours and can be accessed on the day after that time. Other timezones need to calculate the difference to access.

Please go to on 13th August 2019 and click on my underlined book title link to my interview. My interview will play on my scheduled day from Midnight to Midnight Eastern Time for a period of 24 hours initially.

I had expected to be talking about my writing in general – crime writing in particular – but as we started the interview the interviewer got excited about Only One Woman because she is a ‘child of the sixties’ and had read Only One Woman too! 

So, we ended up chatting about my writing, how Only One Woman came to be written with the talented Christina Jones, and more. It is a fun interview and I loved it.

There are so many authors listed in their archives which I’ve really enjoyed learning about via their interviews, do delve in.

If you listen to my interview please let me have your thoughts and comments, I really would appreciate them. I do hope it will inspire you to purchase your own copy of Only One Woman and other books written by Christina Jones and myself. Our books are available internationally via Amazon and other digital platforms and in Waterstones branches.

Thanks Jane.

Jane with OOW June 2019
Christina Jones

Only One Woman: Some of our Reviews


  5 out of 5 stars Wonderful, accurate look back at a magical time. Christina Jones and Jane Risdon are two of the best, most recognized writers emerging now from the UK. Individually, each is a gifted writer and storyteller with a real talent for creating fascinating storylines, compelling characters and damn good, REAL-sounding dialog. But, put Christina and Jane together working on the same title, and you uncork magic.

1968. The Fool was perched on the hill. Mick & co. were trying to generate a little sympathy for old Nick. And the rest of the world was caught up in the explosion of music, fashions and leading-edge creativity bursting out of London and San Francisco.

In the midst of it all, Christina and Jane weave an irresistible tale of two English teenage girls – one living the dark side of the Cinderella story and the other, a girl facing life-altering medical choices, who decides to follow her dream of becoming a music industry journalist. Both characters meet and befriend the guys in a struggling rock group, on the cusp of jumping from playing pub dates to filling arenas. And, they both fall in love with the same band member, the lead guitarist.

The entire book is told through the girls’ diary entries, which I thought was genius. I love it when an author takes me right inside the head of their main character, to see what they’re thinking and why. And, in the case of Only One Woman, I got to see and enjoy it TWICE.

During the time period this book was taking place, I was around 19 and living about 10 miles South of San Francisco. I was pretty active in the city’s music and creative scene, so a lot of the local musicians were friends (a few still are, 50 years later). And, I knew a couple of musicians who lived through some of the events in Only One Woman.

Look, I’m not going to offer any spoilers here, but if you either remember the times or are a fan of them, Christina and Jane will take you on a completely enjoyable romp down the rabbit hole. Only One Woman will not disappoint.

Bobbi Lerman 5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful, delicious ride of a read! For me, Only One Woman by Christina Jones & Jane Risdon was an absolute delight of a read from the first page to the last. I felt like I was transported back to the rock n roll era of swinging sixties England as I walked along with both coming of age heroines as they meet and fall in love with the same soon to be rock god.

The writers literally take you back in time and into the world of the beautiful, lonely, Renza who is dealing with a mom with serious control issues and Stella, the equally beautiful, slightly more experienced budding journalist with health issues that in the end send her seeking a new life journey. When these two music, musician obsessed, young women fall in love with the same man, well….

Both authors meld their unique voices to deliver a combination of fun, fast paced storytelling that nails the lifestyle, free love attitude of the sixties with interesting, engaging characters that draw you in from the start. Not to mention the quirky cast of characters that people this world. I fell in love the boys in the band.

E. Denise Billups 5.0 out of 5 stars Love, sex, and rock & roll all epitomized in Only One Woman! Youth, love, and a beautiful rock God could only mean one thing . . . and the reader will ache for both heroines as the novel pulls them into love, travel, good music, and wrenching heartache.

Only One Woman grabbed my attention from the first diary entry of love-stricken Renza and held my fascination to the very last page. Though I grew up post-sixties, I’ve always been fascinated by the music of this era. The author’s extensive knowledge and repertoire of 60’s music had me singing favorite lyrics as I delved into Renza and Stella’s worlds. Ingeniously crafted, we experience the two heroine’s lives, loves, and heartache through their diaries. And through their personal experiences, we meet Scott and his fabulous Rock Band, Narnia’s Children.

Inherently different, the two heroines are raised by parents with a different set of standards and values. Sweet and prudently innocent, Renza lives with her authoritarian mother who wields control like a prison guard. Edgy and stylishly bold, Stella, recovering from a debilitating illness, lives with her liberal, easy-going, and loving parents who allow her many freedoms as an only child. Though Renza and Stella have different upbringings, they have four things in common, their love for Scott, music, reading, and writing.

Both women tugged at my heart, and I found myself rooting for both, but as the titles suggest, there can only be one woman for the devastatingly sexy Scott. At times, I grew angry at the heroine’s naiveté, and spoke under my breath, “Wise up!” On several occasions, I wished I could reach through my Kindle and thoroughly shake sense into all three, especially Scott. Such heartache and havoc he wreaks unknowingly? Did he know? That would call for an additional diary containing Scott’s thoughts. But the reader senses he’s torn and struggles with his decisions.

The authors kept me guessing which heroine would succeed victoriously in capturing Scott’s eternal love, and wondering if they’d both be better off without him. This book would be fantastic on the screen with the fashionable, colorful clothing, and music of the sixties set in several lovely locations. Hmmm . . . I hope! Thank you, Ms. Jones and Ms. Risdon for a fantastic read!

Pop over to Amazon, GoodReads and BookBub to read more….

Signing books for a lovely fan








It has been months in the planning but yesterday, 25th July 2019, I managed to meet up with a lovely fan, Terry Clark, an author in his own right, of books on local history and the Romans in Britain.

You can find his books in Waterstones Bracknell. Especially the fact-filled, best -selling The Lost Histories of Great Britan. ISBN: 9781795813044

We had a lovely cuppa and he posed for photos with me and Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts as I signed his copies.

Amazingly Terry can quote events from Only One Woman in great detail – quite unnerving when I have to stop and think hard about the who, what, where and when.

Here we are before the fire alarm went off.

With Terry Clark

Thanks so much for being such a lovely fan Terry, it was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with all your books.

Jane xx

Only One Woman. Be there or be square.
Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order)
56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.

Writing Magazine August 2019 Edition with Only One Woman

Drop over to read all about Only One Woman and writing about ‘real life’ characters in a fictionalised way featured in the August Edition of Writing Magazine.

Margaret James has written an article and Christina and I are chatting about our novel and real-life characters – famous pop/rock stars, politicians and celebrities – can find their way into the story in a fictional way.


Writing Magazine is available in branches of W H Smith – we are on page 43.

Writing Magazine August 2019 – see page 43 – Only One Woman


Iconic rock Singer Graham Bonnet who wrote the foreword for Only One Woman


Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order) ISBN:  9781783757312

Simon & Schuster North America ISBN: 9781682994252

56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.










Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order)
56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.


Some of our fab Photo Collection.

London Book Fair 2019 Photos Lynne Shelby

Only One Woman has had some fabulous photo opportunities.

Here are a few:

At a local library talk given by Christina and arranged by Jane, the old friends meet up and discuss writing together.  What to write? Jane writes Crime and Christina writes Romance. No decisions were made. Until Only One Woman…

Jane with Christina in 2010

Here is Christina in the late 1960s when she was a short story writer, Rock/Pop journalist.

Here is Jane in the late 1960s .

The inspiration for Only One Woman – guitarist Scott, with Narnia’s Children.                                               

The Swingin’ Sixties when Only One Woman is set.

Only One Woman in paperback and eBook published by Accent Press Ltd.

Iconic rock singer Graham Bonnet and the hit, Only One Woman, with The Marbles in 1968 which was written for him and his late cousin, Trevor Gordon, by the Bee Gees. He writes about how this came about in his foreword for Only One Woman. Here he is with his copy at his home in Studio City, California.

Graham Signing copies of Only One Woman when he came to London on tour.






Opening the box with Jane’s author copies from Accent Press. So exciting.








Christina and Jane signing copies of Only One Woman at their book launch in Abingdon 2018.

Renza and Stella get their own YouTube Playlists to accompany their story as you read.




The paperback is available in most countries on Amazon and other digital platforms and also in paperback. It is also available to order from branches of Waterstones – even in Paris!

OOW Waterstones Sue Gardner Aug 2018















Even Christina took Only One Woman on holiday to read…

Cyprus with Christina Jones

Our fab readers took selfies with Only One Woman when they went on their holidays.

Here are a few photos to enjoy:

To Russia.

Gloria in Moscow, Red Square, with Tsar Canon.

To New Zealand

NZ with Kymberlee Dobson


Kymberlee Dobson in NZ with OOW






To Mauritius and more…

Lisa Milner in Mauritius in Aug 2018 with OOW

Readers show their love:

Janet Clarke and her friend Christine.

Kat Browning


Christina with a fan who gave her flowers on our launch day.

Book signing with Jane.

We get to mess around too.

Guys love Only One Woman too…

Nigel in Abingdon

The Abingdon Blogger came to purchase and book for his blog post.

Abingdon Blogger

Christina signing a copy of Only One Woman.

Our book launch in Abingdon.

Jane got some lovely flowers from a kind reader.

Our Cardiff Book Launch at Accent Press HQ

People travelled a long way to meet us

With our Publisher, Hazel, in Cardiff

Our window display at Accent Press, Cardiff.

We hope you enjoyed our photos – more to come another time.

If you are curious about Only One Woman drop over to our Facebook Page, Amazon or pop into Waterstones or visit our author pages.

Also Accent Press Author collection for:

Jane Risdon


Only One Woman

Guys love it, gals love it, we know you will too.
A nostalgic treat, with a delicious hero and two fabulous heroines.
Only One Woman
53 5* reviews from guys and gals. Available in most countries too.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.
ISBN: 9781783757312


The London Book Fair 2019

London Book Fair 2019 Photos Lynne Shelby

London Book Fair 2019 Photo Lynne Shelby



Only One Woman

was at the London Book Fair 2019 (again) with Accent Press.


So chuffed to have been part of the whole Book Fair scene.


Thanks, Accent Press.

A definite five star read.
A nostalgic treat, with a delicious hero and two fabulous heroines.
Only One Woman
53 5* reviews from guys and gals. Available in most countries too.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.
ISBN: 9781783757312

Christina Jones 2017                                     Jane Risdon 2017

Share the fun and laughter with Only One Woman this December 2018 and January 2019

Throughout December

Only One Woman 

invites you to take a selfie with your copy of

Only One Woman

(Paperback or eBook)

in the funniest, daftest, most enjoyable situation in which you find yourself over the Christmas/New Year festivities.

Christmas/ New Year’s Eve party at home or wherever – tell us about it and show us how Only One Woman accompanied you to the festivities.

Did you receive a paperback copy as a gift or perhaps you got a brand new Kindle and a copy of Only One Woman is on that…?

Tell us how much you enjoyed Only One Woman and why – we’d love to share your comments with our readers.

Send your photo entry to our Facebook Page:

to our inbox via messages

We will pick the most entertaining photo and send the winner our fabulous, awesome

Only One Woman


47 rave reviews, loved by guys and gals and available in Paperback (Waterstones and Amazon) and eBook on all digital platforms in most countries.
ISBN: 9781783757312

OOWzers: Announcing the distances our readers go with their copies of Only One Woman

Only One Woman goes Global

Oh, Happy Day!

Announcing the winner of our fabulous

Only One Woman


Back in the summer of 2018 we set a challenge:

send us a photo with your copy of Only One Woman (Paperback or eBook) from somewhere around the world so we could see how far our fabulous tale of love and music set in 1968/1969 travelled.

We would pull a name out of a hat to decide the winner

Readers told us they’d read it in Japan, Russia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, Turkey, Greece, New Zealand, Santorini, Mauritius, Sardinia, Estonia and Finland,  America, Canada, England, Scotland Ireland and Wales, Cyprus and Alaska – the list is endless.

The photos sent to us were and are, fabulous. 

We are happy to announce the


of our

Only One Woman



Lisa Milner and her photo taken in Mauritius.

Congratulations Lisa Milner – Mauritius looks a fab place to unwind.

Our  Mug will be on its way to you later this week.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part.

So many fabulous photos were entered and you can view them in our photo section on



Facebook Page

We shall be setting another competition for the Christmas/New Year festive season, so keep them peeled.

Waterstones: ISBN: 978178757312

Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781682994252

46 FAB reviews, guys and gals love it and some have read it more than once.  Music fans will adore it.

Paperback/eBook most countries.

Available on all good digital platforms.

Keep your eyes open for our Christmas/New Year’s Eve draw to be announced later this week.


Tony Beesley: And all things MOD and Swingin’ Sixties

 I’ve invited TONY BEESLEY to tell you about his life-long love all things MOD – please welcome him.

The Swingin’ Sixties: the music and the fashions – drop in and find out about

 Days like Tomorrow Books (Tony Beesley)

Music Culture and Social History in Print.

Days like Tomorrow Books is an independent small publishing business set up by my wife, Vanessa, and myself – Tony Beesley. We publish our own book titles and also design and publish books by various authors; primarily within the themes of music-related culture and history.

We have published 8 books so far, the latest being ‘The Bigger Picture’ by Mod author Don Hughes, which is a visual and anecdotal chronicle of his experiences from the late 1950s to the end of the 60s. The book features rare and unseen photos, items of memorabilia, and posters from the period: an ideal gift for readers interested in Mod music and fashion but also social history. 

My latest book, also written and designed by me; ‘Mojo Talkin’ – Under the Influence of Mod,’ (2017), is a 514-page heavy hardback book which uniquely covers many aspects of Mod history.

Tony Beesley

The book includes extensive coverage of Mods on Film and TV, including DJs, record collecting, Mod literature, European influences, politics, female fashions, influences and attitudes, the connections with Punk – including soul music’s profound influence – the contemporary bands and 21st-century Mods … and much more. Hundreds of rare photos go with the in-depth narrative and include contributions from Mod people across the decades.

This book is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed worldwide selling volume ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices,’ which introduces a whole plethora of Mod related subjects. It is the first book to completely cover Mod from its very start to the present day and was approved and enjoyed by Paul Weller among others.

Mojo Talkin’ 

 Complementing the critically acclaimed ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices,’ it is a new and refreshing insight into the history of Mod 

With a core theme documenting Mod’s influence across a myriad of mediums, many of which have not been explored before, this book is a captivating and compelling study of the most relevant and influential youth-led phenomenon since the dawn of popular culture.

 Stylish, precise, intensely researched and as fast-paced, diverse and visual as the subject itself, ‘Mojo Talkin’ is the authentic voice of Mod evolving across the decades.

Press Reviews for Mojo Talkin’

“It’s a seriously captivating and insightful tome that explores a variety of subjects intertwined with the Mod scene from across over five decades.” (Scootering Magazine)

“An impressionistic portrait: Mojo Talkin’ does a fine job at trying to encapsulate the many facets of the movement. For those wanting to get into the real nitty-gritty of the scene, I doubt there’s anything more extensive and intensive than this.” (Shindig Magazine)

“Tony Beesley leaves no stone unturned over 500-plus pages; a truly exhaustive cataloguing of the fashions, fads, faces, music and mythology. The chapters on the depiction of mods in cinema, the movement’s links to US soul music, and the potentially woolly debate about the politics of Mod are especially enlightening. It’s an admirably complete project that probably weighs more than a Lambretta scooter.” (Terry Staunton: Record Collector magazine) 

“This book’s strength is its amphetamine-driven telling of the fast-paced – and enduring – nature of Mod. Mojo Talkin’ is a must-read Mod tome that will sit well upon the shelf of any neatly turned out Mod.” (Peter Jamachiak: Vive Le Rock magazine) 

“A testament to the broad church of Modernism.” (Neil Sheasby – Stone Foundation) 

“An invaluable resource of reference and historical relevance on the subject of Mod – Mojo Talkin’- Under the Influence of Mod, by Tony Beesley, is the essential read for Mods from all eras.” (Jayne Thomas: Mod & Soul website)

All our in-print book titles are available at the official website

we offer author-signed editions along with a personal dedication service on request. 

The books are also available at Amazon  UK, eBay and available to order at most good book outlets.


Tony Beesley; writer, book designer and publisher.

I have always believed in the ‘Do it Yourself’ philosophy of punk! No-one is going to go ahead and do it for you; the odds are more than likely, stacked completely against you in the first place, and ambitions and aspirations are ideals seemingly way out-of-reach! Yet, the spirit of defying those odds and likewise confounding our detractors, challenging ourselves beyond our own endurance and simply getting up and giving it our best shot can be the way to achieve, regardless of the chances of success!

Initially, upon completing my first book manuscript, I tried to gain the attention and interest of a few publishing houses. Due to their disinterest, I decided that I was going to publish my books myself, kick-starting our fledgeling publishing company ‘Days like Tomorrow Books,’ in the process. In all perfect honesty, I knew very little – I was a child of the Zerox fanzine generation of writers, in fact, I had produced a couple of said Zines too – my knowledge of design, layout, and presentation was limited, to say the least. But, I was willing to learn, adapt, and push forward with an intense ardour and unrelenting drive to learn, to get my first book on a bookshelf.

Associates mocked me at times, few believed in me – my wife and sons aside – and those that did support me, I am sure, felt that I had way too much ambition for my own good; I can totally understand this. 2008 was a momentous learning process and I wrote, researched, interviewed, formatted, proofed (badly to begin with), designed and published a 1000 copies of my first book, ‘Our Generation’ in 2009. It sold quickly, was soon on the shelves of WH Smith, HMV and various other outlets; how I achieved this so quickly is beyond me. This book was followed by further print-runs and a succession of music culture themed book titles as I continued to steer my one-man publishing venture into new waters, often murky, and uncharted depths that threatened to swallow my idealistic aspirations in one tidal wave of corporate indifference.

Since those days the climate of bookselling has changed dramatically and the risks, obstacles, and challenges have increased in so many ways. Despite this, I have written, designed, and published eight book titles. My last three have included two epic-sized hardback volumes chronicling the many diverse influences of the Mod, Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices & Mojo Talkin’Under the Influence of Mod.’ Comprising almost a 1000 pages between them, the two volumes cover a huge array of Mod-related themes; objective, thoroughly researched and accompanied by 100s of striking images from Mod’s late 1950s inception to the modern age;  the two books are vast in scope and ambition. I aim to keep these two books in print indefinitely, hoping that generations to come will use them as part of their reference points when reading about, or participating in Mod culture in person.

Our latest book, ‘The Bigger Picture,’ by Mod author, Don Hughes, is a visually impressive document of his days as a Mod during the 60s, but also including a plethora of 1950s and 60s memorabilia: photos, rare posters and paraphernalia. My wife, Vanessa, is now on board with our small independent publishing/writing business taking on promotion, accounts, and publicity etc.

This year has seen us publish our first book title by another author and next year will see a further two book titles by another author. Other book projects are also in progress and we move into a challenging and uncertain future of publishing with a keen eye for improvisation, ideas and the will to adapt; all in that original spirit of ‘anyone can have a go’ do-it-yourself idealism so prevalent in my punk years.

‘The future is unwritten,’ Joe Strummer of the Clash openly stated, and we, in our small but unique way, aim to endeavour to write at least a part of it.

To connect with Tony and his books:

All our in-print book titles are available at the official website

OOWzers: Win our exclusive Only One Woman MUG


we have a limited edition

Only One Woman


and it could be yours.

All you need to do is send us a selfie with a copy of

Only One Woman (paperback or Kindle)

on holiday or somewhere special to you and we will enter your photo into our draw.

The winner will be sent our exclusive Only One Woman MUG.

To enter send your photo to our


Facebook Page IN-BOX as a message.

The draw will be made at the start of October, so hurry up.

Graham Bonnet – writer of our Foreword

Available in digital stores and in Paperback from Waterstones

ISBN: 9781783757312

Here are some photos we have been sent already.

Nigel in Abingdon

Christina in Cyprus

Gloria in Moscow, Red Square, with Tsar Canon.

Janet and her friend Christine.



Sharron has a draw for a signed copy of Only One Woman….

Win A Signed Copy Of Only One Woman By Christina Jones And Jane Risdon!

Posted in Competitions

On 19 Aug, 2018

By Janice Rosser



Latest competition now up!

For your chance to win a signed copy of Only One Woman By Christina Jones And Jane Risdon ,

please sign up for the newsletter by direct messaging me on FB or Twitter.

Members already registered do NOT have to do this.

Draw will be held on Bank Holiday Monday August 27th at 7pm. (U.K residents only)

My thanks to Christina, Jane and Accent Press. can buy a copy of this book directly from Amazon by clicking on above link.