Happy Birthday Only One Woman

It is our birthday – our eBook birthday.


Only One Woman has had a fabulous time since publication. Lots of fab readers and reviews tell us they have read our novel more than once, often more than twice.

How totally cool!

When a book is published readers often have no idea of the length of time it has taken to reach them. Often years of research have gone into the writing, then it has to find a publisher. Once a publisher is on-board, there are edits, sometimes rewrites, and more hard work, until the magical day of publication arrives.

Those who have followed our story, Christina’s and mine, will know that our novel had many publishing deadlines come and go because of events at the publishing company beyond our control.

Book signing in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Photo Jane Risdon

We waited years from the completion of our novel to publication day. Add in the sale of our publisher and you can imagine it has not been an easy ride. But, our book is going strong. We garner more and more readers and it is wonderful to find that the guys love Only One Woman, as much as girls. Musicians love it because of the realistic portrayal of life on the road in the late 1960s.

The Red Shoes Ballroom – on the 1960s circuit.

Iconic rocker, Graham Bonnet, wrote the foreword to Only One Woman, which he said is an accurate portrayal of the 1960s music scene and enjoyed reading our novel which reminded him of those golden days when life was so exciting.

Iconic rock Singer Graham Bonnet who wrote the foreword for Only One Woman
Photo Jane Risdon

Music, fashion, social change, world events and so much more have found their way into our epic love triangle – with a difference.

Lord John, Carnaby St. mentioned in our novel.

Set in fab locations such as on a Mediterranean cruise, in Jersey (Channel Islands), Germany, Scotland, France, Wales, and so many other gorgeous places, there is something for everyone.

Photo Jane Risdon

Buy Only One Woman internationally from Amazon, and other digital platforms and in paperback from Amazon and from Waterstones, Blackwells, WH Smith, and others.



A fun and touching look at the Swinging Sixties –Books Life and Everything

It’s a time portal, bringing nostalgic glimpses of the 60s –Pink Heart Society

A truly big love story –ReviewSpot 

Absolutely enchanting book which took me right back to the late 60s…‘ ***** Reader review

Loved the characters…loved the story…loved the book!!‘ ***** Reader review

WOW WOW WOW absolutely loved this book. So cleverly written…‘ ***** Reader review

I loved this book. I loved stepping back in time and the music played through my head as if it was real!‘ ***** Reader review

‘An excellent job, well done, and heartily recommended’ ***** Reader review


Christmas 1968 finds Stella recovering from a life-changing operation, Renza is seething at being forgotten and Scott is cold, tired, hungry, and bewildered…

Join our main characters as they try to celebrate Christmas 1968. Nothing is going their way.

Stella had one night to live before her operation, convinced she’d die under the surgeon’s knife; her uncle had succumbed on the operating table after all, and so she’d allowed herself to be dragged to the local village hall to watch Narnia’s Children perform. What had she to lose? She was sure she’d be dead by the following night.

Stella – a rebel, a dreamer, with only one night to live…

Renza waited and waited for the Post Sergeant to deliver her much-longed-for Christmas card but Christmas day came and went and still, there was nothing for her. Seething with anger she plans to get the first lift she can scrounge to the Channel Ferry, so she can make her way from Germany to London and Scott.

Only One Woman – discover the diaries of two Sixties chics

As soon as the music started Stella and her friend Vix moved closer to the stage. Two pairs of eyes found each other over the Marshall amps, and at that moment everything changed…

Scott and his band sit freezing cold, miserable, and hungry in their newly rented house where their manager has arranged for them to live whilst planning tours and recording sessions for them. He has provided the food and their roadie does his best to conjure up filling meals from anything he could find. Scott could not stand the thought of another Vesta Curry or Fray Bentos pie and makes plans to visit a new friend, Stella, in Oxford…

Cold, damp, miserable, rented house lived in by Narnia’s Children

Renza plans her trip back to England and rings the band to ask for a lift from Victoria Railway Station to their latest rented house. Now, all she has to do is inform her parents about what she is going to do. Will she be able to carry it off? Will they allow her to run to Scott?

Renza: a complete contrast to Stella

The UK music scene in 1968/69 is light-years away from the music scene of 2020. Transit vans and Bedford van rode up and down the country lanes and roads of the UK, groups slept in the back with the gear usually, and money was in short supply.

Join Renza, Stella, and Narnia’s Children during the summer of 1968 and the exciting year of 1969, as they begin their epic journey to stardom and romance. The Cold War is causing mayhem, men land on the Moon, an American President died at the hands of an assassin earlier in the decade and now his brother dies at hands of another assassin. Martin Luther King Junior’s dream ends and the War in Vietnam still rages on…

More than a love-triangle, this is an epic love story set against the backdrop of social upheaval and change. Enjoy the music, fashion, and other nostalgic references and trip back to the grooviest decade of the 20th century with ONLY ONE WOMAN.


Jane is chatting with her host Linda, on the global internet show for authors, The Authors Show, about writing Only One Woman with lifelong friend and author, Christina Jones, the inspiration for their collaboration, and more. She reads from Renza’s diary – June 1968 – when Renza visits Carnaby Street for the first time and sees the coolest people up close.

Interview Podcast on TheAuthorsShow.com

The late 1960s come alive with Only One Woman. If you lived the Swingin’ Sixties, or wished you had, this novel is for you.


Vesta Curries, Fray Bentos Pies, Watneys Party Seven, Top of the Pops, Ready, Steady Go! and Only One Woman

Vesta Curries, Fray Bentos Pies, Watneys Party Seven, Top of the Pops, Ready, Steady Go! Two Red Shoes, Elgin, Ballerina Ballroom, Nairn, Watford New Penny, Samanthas New Bond St, Radio One, Radio Caroline, Carnaby Street, and an epic love triangle…

If you can remember the Sixties you weren’t there – that’s what they say. Christina Jones and I remember only too well, and we were there.


We experienced life on the road in the UK music scene of the late 1960s, the bands, the music, the vibe of being a teenager in the grooviest decade of the 20th century.

The bands, their vans, and fans – even their food – we recall it all. The parties and the excitement of touring (the circuit) all over the UK, Europe, the Mediterranean, and then there was Jersey in the Channel Islands…

We longed for the weekly TV music shows such as Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go! and we listened to the pirate radio stations such as Radio London and Caroline, and we heard the first broadcast on Radio One with DJ Tony Blackburn when he played ‘Flowers in the Rain,’ by The Move.


Christina and I followed Dusty Springfield, Cher, and Jools Driscoll for their hair and make-up fashions, Twiggy and The Shrimp for their clothes, and we longed to shop at BEBE.

We watched the Moon Landings, cried when Otis Redding died and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jnr. were murdered, worried about the Cold War, the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and the Paris riots. We envied Priscilla when she married Elvis…

We wrote about it all and more in Only One Woman, and you can read about Stella, Renza, and Scott with his band, Narnia’s Children, in our novel. Scott, the object of desire for both girls, and the cause of his dilema. A love triangle where they can be Only One Woman – or can there?

There is a taster on theauthorsshow.com when I read from Renza’s diary (both characters keep diaries) and you can hear how she enjoyed her very first visit to Carnaby Street in June 1968, her excitement at seeing The Mojos, and seeing all the Mod and Hippie fashions…

Guys, and musicians, love reading about the venues, the music, the bands, and more, and Graham Bonnet, iconic rock singer, formerly with The Marbles, whose single, Only One Woman (written for them by The Bee Gees) was a huge hit in 1968 loved it so much he wrote our foreword. He went on to sing with Rainbow, Alcatraz, Michael Schenker, and many others.

Iconic Rocker Graham Bonnet wrote our foreword

Tune in now to Channel 6 on theauthorsshow.com to hear my interview about writing with Christina, our inspiration, and how our friendship and shared experiences led to writing Only One Woman together. An epic love triangle and social commentary from two girls who lived through the grooviest decade of the 20th century.


Be there or be square.

If you miss me you can catch up by visiting theauthorsshow.com and channel 6 in archives, any time.


Christina and Jane signing copies of Only One Woman

The Authors Show: International internet radio interview 13th August 2019

The Authors Show International Internet Radio Interview Scheduled for 13th August 2019

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

I’m so excited to be interviewed on the prestigious Author Show – the International Internet Radio show specifically for authors.

My interview will be broadcast on 13th August 2019 at 12.01am EST for 24 hours and can be accessed on the day after that time. Other timezones need to calculate the difference to access.

Please go to www.theauthorsshow.com on 13th August 2019 and click on my underlined book title link to my interview. My interview will play on my scheduled day from Midnight to Midnight Eastern Time for a period of 24 hours initially.

I had expected to be talking about my writing in general – crime writing in particular – but as we started the interview the interviewer got excited about Only One Woman because she is a ‘child of the sixties’ and had read Only One Woman too! 

So, we ended up chatting about my writing, how Only One Woman came to be written with the talented Christina Jones, and more. It is a fun interview and I loved it.

There are so many authors listed in their archives which I’ve really enjoyed learning about via their interviews, do delve in.

If you listen to my interview please let me have your thoughts and comments, I really would appreciate them. I do hope it will inspire you to purchase your own copy of Only One Woman and other books written by Christina Jones and myself. Our books are available internationally via Amazon and other digital platforms and in Waterstones branches.

Thanks Jane.


https:/https://amzn.to/2VX7yWw https://amzn.to/2HemX1f
Jane with OOW June 2019
Christina Jones

Only One Woman: Some of our Reviews


  5 out of 5 stars Wonderful, accurate look back at a magical time. Christina Jones and Jane Risdon are two of the best, most recognized writers emerging now from the UK. Individually, each is a gifted writer and storyteller with a real talent for creating fascinating storylines, compelling characters and damn good, REAL-sounding dialog. But, put Christina and Jane together working on the same title, and you uncork magic.

1968. The Fool was perched on the hill. Mick & co. were trying to generate a little sympathy for old Nick. And the rest of the world was caught up in the explosion of music, fashions and leading-edge creativity bursting out of London and San Francisco.

In the midst of it all, Christina and Jane weave an irresistible tale of two English teenage girls – one living the dark side of the Cinderella story and the other, a girl facing life-altering medical choices, who decides to follow her dream of becoming a music industry journalist. Both characters meet and befriend the guys in a struggling rock group, on the cusp of jumping from playing pub dates to filling arenas. And, they both fall in love with the same band member, the lead guitarist.

The entire book is told through the girls’ diary entries, which I thought was genius. I love it when an author takes me right inside the head of their main character, to see what they’re thinking and why. And, in the case of Only One Woman, I got to see and enjoy it TWICE.

During the time period this book was taking place, I was around 19 and living about 10 miles South of San Francisco. I was pretty active in the city’s music and creative scene, so a lot of the local musicians were friends (a few still are, 50 years later). And, I knew a couple of musicians who lived through some of the events in Only One Woman.

Look, I’m not going to offer any spoilers here, but if you either remember the times or are a fan of them, Christina and Jane will take you on a completely enjoyable romp down the rabbit hole. Only One Woman will not disappoint.

Bobbi Lerman 5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful, delicious ride of a read! For me, Only One Woman by Christina Jones & Jane Risdon was an absolute delight of a read from the first page to the last. I felt like I was transported back to the rock n roll era of swinging sixties England as I walked along with both coming of age heroines as they meet and fall in love with the same soon to be rock god.

The writers literally take you back in time and into the world of the beautiful, lonely, Renza who is dealing with a mom with serious control issues and Stella, the equally beautiful, slightly more experienced budding journalist with health issues that in the end send her seeking a new life journey. When these two music, musician obsessed, young women fall in love with the same man, well….

Both authors meld their unique voices to deliver a combination of fun, fast paced storytelling that nails the lifestyle, free love attitude of the sixties with interesting, engaging characters that draw you in from the start. Not to mention the quirky cast of characters that people this world. I fell in love the boys in the band.

E. Denise Billups 5.0 out of 5 stars Love, sex, and rock & roll all epitomized in Only One Woman! Youth, love, and a beautiful rock God could only mean one thing . . . and the reader will ache for both heroines as the novel pulls them into love, travel, good music, and wrenching heartache.

Only One Woman grabbed my attention from the first diary entry of love-stricken Renza and held my fascination to the very last page. Though I grew up post-sixties, I’ve always been fascinated by the music of this era. The author’s extensive knowledge and repertoire of 60’s music had me singing favorite lyrics as I delved into Renza and Stella’s worlds. Ingeniously crafted, we experience the two heroine’s lives, loves, and heartache through their diaries. And through their personal experiences, we meet Scott and his fabulous Rock Band, Narnia’s Children.

Inherently different, the two heroines are raised by parents with a different set of standards and values. Sweet and prudently innocent, Renza lives with her authoritarian mother who wields control like a prison guard. Edgy and stylishly bold, Stella, recovering from a debilitating illness, lives with her liberal, easy-going, and loving parents who allow her many freedoms as an only child. Though Renza and Stella have different upbringings, they have four things in common, their love for Scott, music, reading, and writing.

Both women tugged at my heart, and I found myself rooting for both, but as the titles suggest, there can only be one woman for the devastatingly sexy Scott. At times, I grew angry at the heroine’s naiveté, and spoke under my breath, “Wise up!” On several occasions, I wished I could reach through my Kindle and thoroughly shake sense into all three, especially Scott. Such heartache and havoc he wreaks unknowingly? Did he know? That would call for an additional diary containing Scott’s thoughts. But the reader senses he’s torn and struggles with his decisions.

The authors kept me guessing which heroine would succeed victoriously in capturing Scott’s eternal love, and wondering if they’d both be better off without him. This book would be fantastic on the screen with the fashionable, colorful clothing, and music of the sixties set in several lovely locations. Hmmm . . . I hope! Thank you, Ms. Jones and Ms. Risdon for a fantastic read!

Pop over to Amazon, GoodReads and BookBub to read more….






Writing Magazine August 2019 Edition with Only One Woman

Drop over to read all about Only One Woman and writing about ‘real life’ characters in a fictionalised way featured in the August Edition of Writing Magazine.

Margaret James has written an article and Christina and I are chatting about our novel and real-life characters – famous pop/rock stars, politicians and celebrities – can find their way into the story in a fictional way.


Writing Magazine is available in branches of W H Smith – we are on page 43.

Writing Magazine August 2019 – see page 43 – Only One Woman


Iconic rock Singer Graham Bonnet who wrote the foreword for Only One Woman


Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order) ISBN:  9781783757312

Simon & Schuster North America ISBN: 9781682994252

56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.











Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order)
56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.


Some of our fab Photo Collection.

London Book Fair 2019 Photos Lynne Shelby

Only One Woman has had some fabulous photo opportunities.

Here are a few:

At a local library talk given by Christina and arranged by Jane, the old friends meet up and discuss writing together.  What to write? Jane writes Crime and Christina writes Romance. No decisions were made. Until Only One Woman…

Jane with Christina in 2010



Here is Christina in the late 1960s when she was a short story writer, Rock/Pop journalist.

Here is Jane in the late 1960s .

The inspiration for Only One Woman – guitarist Scott, with Narnia’s Children.                                               

The Swingin’ Sixties when Only One Woman is set.

Only One Woman in paperback and eBook published by Accent Press Ltd.

Iconic rock singer Graham Bonnet and the hit, Only One Woman, with The Marbles in 1968 which was written for him and his late cousin, Trevor Gordon, by the Bee Gees. He writes about how this came about in his foreword for Only One Woman. Here he is with his copy at his home in Studio City, California.

Graham Signing copies of Only One Woman when he came to London on tour.






Opening the box with Jane’s author copies from Accent Press. So exciting.








Christina and Jane signing copies of Only One Woman at their book launch in Abingdon 2018.

Renza and Stella get their own YouTube Playlists to accompany their story as you read.




The paperback is available in most countries on Amazon and other digital platforms and also in paperback. It is also available to order from branches of Waterstones – even in Paris!

OOW Waterstones Sue Gardner Aug 2018















Even Christina took Only One Woman on holiday to read…

Cyprus with Christina Jones

Our fab readers took selfies with Only One Woman when they went on their holidays.

Here are a few photos to enjoy:

To Russia.

Gloria in Moscow, Red Square, with Tsar Canon.

To New Zealand

NZ with Kymberlee Dobson


Kymberlee Dobson in NZ with OOW






To Mauritius and more…

Lisa Milner in Mauritius in Aug 2018 with OOW

Readers show their love:

Janet Clarke and her friend Christine.

Kat Browning


Christina with a fan who gave her flowers on our launch day.

Book signing with Jane.

We get to mess around too.

Guys love Only One Woman too…

Nigel in Abingdon

The Abingdon Blogger came to purchase and book for his blog post.

Abingdon Blogger

Christina signing a copy of Only One Woman.

Our book launch in Abingdon.

Jane got some lovely flowers from a kind reader.

Our Cardiff Book Launch at Accent Press HQ

People travelled a long way to meet us

With our Publisher, Hazel, in Cardiff

Our window display at Accent Press, Cardiff.

We hope you enjoyed our photos – more to come another time.

If you are curious about Only One Woman drop over to our Facebook Page, Amazon or pop into Waterstones or visit our author pages.

Also Accent Press Author collection for:

Jane Risdon


Only One Woman





Guys love it, gals love it, we know you will too.
A nostalgic treat, with a delicious hero and two fabulous heroines.
Only One Woman
53 5* reviews from guys and gals. Available in most countries too.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.
ISBN: 9781783757312


The London Book Fair 2019

London Book Fair 2019 Photos Lynne Shelby

London Book Fair 2019 Photo Lynne Shelby



Only One Woman

was at the London Book Fair 2019 (again) with Accent Press.


So chuffed to have been part of the whole Book Fair scene.


Thanks, Accent Press.

A definite five star read.
A nostalgic treat, with a delicious hero and two fabulous heroines.
Only One Woman
53 5* reviews from guys and gals. Available in most countries too.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms
Paperback Waterstones and good indie stores.
ISBN: 9781783757312

Christina Jones 2017                                     Jane Risdon 2017

A Collection of Only One Woman Reader Reviews for your enjoyment


Readers reviews are below.

Margaret James

I have long been an admirer of the work of Christina Jones, but Jane Risdon was a new author for me.  As a child of the Sixties myself, I was instantly engaged by this story of Renza and Scott, a charismatic guitarist in a rock band.

But the Sixties are a long time in the past, and it was a huge pleasure to be taken back to those halcyon days when I was young, wore skirts that left very little to the imagination, and music was like nothing to which our parents had listened on the BBC’s Light Programme.

This novel has been meticulously researched. The period details took me there. Renza observes that Cilla Black didn’t look all that special close up. People boiled kettles on gas rings and children had tricycles and drum kits for Christmas. They made Airfix models and the adults listened to music on tape recorders. The excitement of listening to those new rock bands on my little transistor radio is something I remember so well. They were great, weren’t they? Of course they were, and that’s why we have so many tribute bands today.

I wanted to know how the relationship between Renza and Scott would pan out. Surely they were meant to be together? But, but, but…

Also interwoven with this thread is Stella’s story, and all this is what kept me reading and enjoying the novel. I kept thinking I should have a look in those boxes in the attic to see if any of my own Sixties clobber (a good Sixties word, people) is still up there.

The novel is seamlessly written and I soon gave up trying to work out which author had written which parts of it! Did one write and one edit, then did they swap roles so that the whole story hung together as one organic whole? Whatever they did, it’s all worked out very well!

Margaret Joel

This book is about two women and one man. Written in diary form by the two women involved with the same man. Scott is a young man in a group, quite successful, although  the group never seemed to have any money. Scott fell in love with Renza but she had to go to Germany with her parents. He then met Stella and started a relationship with her. She always knew about Renza but Renza did not know about Stella until some time later.  Renza and Scott conducted a long distance relationship with Renza meeting up when she could get away from Germany and her controlling parents! All quite complicated and not quite believable. It was a reasonable read but left many unanswered questions. Why did this successful group have no money, it was all controlled by their manager and  they could only afford to eat once a day. I expected to find the manager ripping them off but nothing was mentioned about it. I felt at the end there were unanswered questions.

Beverley Ann Hopper

What a fantastic book! It takes you way back. I love the music, the clothes, hair styles.  Everything bring back so many memories. its 1968 a truly big love story is about to begin. I just kept on reading and didn’t want it to end.

Janice Rosser

This is the first book I have read that is written by two authors. It is 1968, the year I was growing up myself as a teenager, so I was keen to get going! Each chapter is a diary entry from two women, one called Renza, one called Stella.

I don’t know which author wrote about which woman? They both fall in love with Scott who is the lead singer in a  group called Narnia’s Children. Scott then falls in love with both these women and thinks he can have it all. Renza has to move to Germany with her parents and so Scott begins a long distance relationship, but at the same time he can now be with Stella who is willing to be with him whenever he is free.

Stella knows about Renza from the start, but Renza doesn’t find out about Stella until much later on. The group tour all over the country and beyond, yet never seem to make a living from what they do. The houses they all co-habit are cold and dreary and there is never enough food. Why did their manager not pay them a decent wage? Was it like this in the 60’s for most young groups starting out?

I was keen to find out who Scott would choose as he can only have one woman and the song ‘Only one Woman’ has been my ear worm for days since I started reading this book! At 500 pages long, it races through 1968 and ends in Christmas week 1969. There are many songs and groups mentioned and I can remember most of them and still hear them on the radio today.

I enjoyed this book very much and if you love the 60’s era, I am sure you will too.

Will there be a sequel? I would like to find out what happens next!

Diane Cunningham

An interesting read I wasn’t sure how it would work with two authors, but it is cleverly written like a diary of the two girls Renza and Stella who become involved with Scott the sexy guy from the band. Set in the late sixties there are lots of references to music and magazines and general things of these times.

Renza can’t believe her luck when the band move in next door to her. Her life isn’t that exciting and she has to help her Mum a lot with the rest of her large family when all of a sudden she’s popular with the girls at school who want to hang out in her garden to see the boys.

After falling for Scott Renza unfortunately has to move to Germany with her Dad as he is in the army. Stella comes into Scott’s life slightly older then Renza. Who will Scott choose? I

t was good reading the story through the eyes of both girls in their diary. I won’t give any spoilers to say who Scott ends up with. I wonder if there will be a second book following on so we can see if he made the right decision. I enjoyed reading this.

Brenda Smith

Not my usual style of book but thoroughly enjoyed it. Lovely and nostalgic as the late sixties were ‘my time’.  I found the content very true to the time. I give it 5*.

Hannah Booth

I love reading and I like to read anything and so I started my quest to finding a new book. This is my first time that I have read a book by these authors and I’m glad that I did. I enjoyed every moment of it and again once I started reading I didn’t want to stop. Reading this book, I felt like I was in there. I like how the book is set like a dairy.

The romantic story is based on two women one called Renza and the other one is called Stella who fall in love with a guitarist. In June 1968 a lady called Renza falls in love with a guy called Scott who is the heartthrob guitarist. They have a romantic summer together until unfortunately Renza and her family has to move away.

In December 1968 a lady called Stella goes out to the local dance where she sees a handsome guy called Scott. Stella likes what she sees and she falls in love with him. How is Scott going to cope with two women falling in love with him and who will he chose?

My star rating for this book is 10 stars.

Donna Prosho

The story tells of two girls who have fallen in love with the same boy and about how world’s apart their lives are.

Told in diary versions from both the girls and spread over a year. Set in the last year of the sixties. The first diary entrant is from Renza, and how restricted her life is, living at home with her mum & younger siblings whilst her dad is away in Germany and leaving school so that she can go with her family to be reunited with her dad in Germany. But little did she know that her life would change after a boy band moved into the house opposite and she would fall head over hills with Scott from the band!

Renza heads off to Germany, potentially engaged to Scott and him telling her she’s the only one for him!

And then you have Stella, a girl that has a few medical issues, and an easy going mum & dad that are very lenient! Who, on the day before a big operation goes out to see a band with her friend & meets the boy of her dreams!

All through the story Stella knows all about Renza and has been told I’m numerous occasions by all the band & Scotts parents, that she’s a stop gap whilst Renza is abroad and that Scott is engaged and there can be nothing serious with them. Stella takes this on board and tries to talk herself into thinking that it’s all fine but can it really be??

Renza is totally for almost a year unaware that there is another girl in the mix! Long distance relationships are a test of time, love, patience & trust and without completely ruining the ending perseverance!!

For me, it was a good read, but, the ending left me wanting more, what happened to Stella and all her dreams, the band (did they ever earn any money) and of course Renza & Scott? Was it happily ever after with a wedding??

Sheila Holley

Only one woman! What a great title for a book written about the 60’s. A lovely light read about one of my favourite eras.

Love the references to the music and the way life was then for many. Enjoyed imagining the fashions described and hearing the insecurities of the girls in these changing times.

A very intriguing, lovely book to enjoy. Would be a great holiday read.

Carolyn Soutar

When Only One Woman strayed into the hip fab happening place that was Carnaby Street, I could smell it, in a good way. Lord John, Lady Jame, the advent of the coffee bars,  music, the groups, the mags, the radio stations, it’s all here in Only One Woman.

Two women from very different backgrounds, one with a ‘bitch’ of a mother, the other with a tired boyfriend. Renza and Stella tell their tale with the rock God via their diaries.

But the life of a rock God is difficult, especially if you are trying to have any sort of relationship with them, and they live on Jersey and you’re stuck in a village nowhere.

Poor Renza has a load of trouble at home, brothers sisters, a father in Germany and any moment they are leaving to join him.  She has a rotten life. But her rock God has spotted her.

Older Stella isn’t well and is in the wrong relationship. And a holiday away as an uncomfortable foursome is looming.

From the Mary Quant tights to the groupies, this book is a delight and a time trip to 1968.

I loved the two different voices of the girls and the references to all the songs.

A great read.

Have the above reviews whetted your appetite? If so, why not buy a copy yourself?!

If you would like to buy this fabulous book, simply click on the image above which will take you directly to Amazon.

Only One Woman – Renza and Stella are music mad and mention the bands and music they love throughout their diaries.

To enjoy the music they love as you read your copies of Only One Woman, trip over to their YouTube Playlists (Accent Press) and enjoy them from there.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/AccentPress/playlists





Fabulous read for lovers of rock star fiction and great plots. Honoured to have been Jo’s musical consultant on this. good luck Jo.


Now the dust has settled on the recent book tour for my latest novel Wicked Game, I thought it might be a good idea to share snippets of the thoughts of each of the reviewers who took part. No matter how many books I write, each new one is a unknown quantity. As a writer I spend a lot of hours in front of the computer with only coffee, music and the cat for company. It’s a long and sometimes frustrating journey but well worth all the hard work when you receive reviews like this. Thank you all for taking part and for enjoying Wicked Game.

AUDIO KILLED THE BOOKMARK   https://audiokilledthebookmark.com/

Such a compelling story full of romance, drama, mischief, and deceit!

A perfect escape for those of you who love the love, adore the drama, and live for the glamour! Recommended.

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Only One Woman wishes you a Merry Christmas, Festive Season, and Happy 2019 and Thank You!

Happy Christmas

to those who celebrate and

Season’s Greetings to

those who don’t.

Happy New Year to you all as well.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support throughout this year, it has been fab getting

to know new friends and to

welcome those we are already familiar with.

You have all been a great support to us and our Novel and we want to thank you all so very much.

We were going to list everyone by name but it began to resemble War and Peace and we were worried we might miss someone  out, so please accept this as a huge


to you all for being such amazing friends

and especially to all the bloggers who shared and supported us.

A special thanks to Graham Bonnet for writing such a fab foreword for our novel and for Beth-Ami Heavenstone and Giles Lavery for all their help too.

Only One Woman

Christina Jones

Jane Risdon

Accent Press Ltd.

Only One Woman

is the result of 5 years of writing, changes of editors, and publishing delays – but we made it

and our 1960s tale of two girls and one musician was published on

November 23rd 2017

as an eBook


and on

May 24th 2018

Only One Woman

was published in Paperback as well,

for mass markets including Waterstones Book Stores

ISBN: 9781783757312

and Simon & Schuster – North America

ISBN:  9781682994252

and for Kindle

around the world


 It is the tale of two girls growing up in the final years of

the Swingin’ Sixties whose shared love of music and fashion

and their love for the same lead guitarist in a rock band,

Narnia’s Children,

linked them even though, at that time, the girls had never met.

The novel is filled with musical references, authentic musical events and with familiar venues which were on ‘the circuit’


then for bands on tour in the UK and overseas.

The lives of the musicians have been recreated from experiences Christina and Jane shared or observed – though not at the

same time – and of course the fabulous 1960s fashions and make-up styles everyone was wearing get a mention too.

Only One Woman

is not only a love triangle, but it is a social comment on the life in the 1960s and two teenage whose lives were

influenced by and

changing rapidly due to world events and the choices they were making as they moved towards a new decade.

 It has been well received and we are grateful for each and every reader review and purchase of

Only One Woman


not to mention the numerous calls for a sequel…

Anyway, thanks again for being here, it is fun chatting with you,

and it is fab

visiting and reading your blog posts and finding out about your latest

books and/or reading materials and we do hope we can all do it again in


Be safe, be happy, keep healthy and have a prosperous and joyful

2019 everyone.








Share the fun and laughter with Only One Woman this December 2018 and January 2019

Throughout December

Only One Woman 

invites you to take a selfie with your copy of

Only One Woman

(Paperback or eBook)

in the funniest, daftest, most enjoyable situation in which you find yourself over the Christmas/New Year festivities.

Christmas/ New Year’s Eve party at home or wherever – tell us about it and show us how Only One Woman accompanied you to the festivities.

Did you receive a paperback copy as a gift or perhaps you got a brand new Kindle and a copy of Only One Woman is on that…?

Tell us how much you enjoyed Only One Woman and why – we’d love to share your comments with our readers.

Send your photo entry to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RenzandStella/

to our inbox via messages

We will pick the most entertaining photo and send the winner our fabulous, awesome

Only One Woman


47 rave reviews, loved by guys and gals and available in Paperback (Waterstones and Amazon) and eBook on all digital platforms in most countries.
ISBN: 9781783757312

OOWzers: Announcing the distances our readers go with their copies of Only One Woman

Only One Woman goes Global

Oh, Happy Day!

Announcing the winner of our fabulous

Only One Woman


Back in the summer of 2018 we set a challenge:

send us a photo with your copy of Only One Woman (Paperback or eBook) from somewhere around the world so we could see how far our fabulous tale of love and music set in 1968/1969 travelled.

We would pull a name out of a hat to decide the winner

Readers told us they’d read it in Japan, Russia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, Turkey, Greece, New Zealand, Santorini, Mauritius, Sardinia, Estonia and Finland,  America, Canada, England, Scotland Ireland and Wales, Cyprus and Alaska – the list is endless.

The photos sent to us were and are, fabulous. 

We are happy to announce the


of our

Only One Woman



Lisa Milner and her photo taken in Mauritius.

Congratulations Lisa Milner – Mauritius looks a fab place to unwind.

Our  Mug will be on its way to you later this week.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part.

So many fabulous photos were entered and you can view them in our photo section on



Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/RenzandStella/

We shall be setting another competition for the Christmas/New Year festive season, so keep them peeled.



Waterstones: ISBN: 978178757312

Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781682994252

46 FAB reviews, guys and gals love it and some have read it more than once.  Music fans will adore it.

Paperback/eBook most countries.

Available on all good digital platforms.

Keep your eyes open for our Christmas/New Year’s Eve draw to be announced later this week.


Tony Beesley: And all things MOD and Swingin’ Sixties

 I’ve invited TONY BEESLEY to tell you about his life-long love all things MOD – please welcome him.

The Swingin’ Sixties: the music and the fashions – drop in and find out about

 Days like Tomorrow Books (Tony Beesley)

Music Culture and Social History in Print.

Days like Tomorrow Books is an independent small publishing business set up by my wife, Vanessa, and myself – Tony Beesley. We publish our own book titles and also design and publish books by various authors; primarily within the themes of music-related culture and history.

We have published 8 books so far, the latest being ‘The Bigger Picture’ by Mod author Don Hughes, which is a visual and anecdotal chronicle of his experiences from the late 1950s to the end of the 60s. The book features rare and unseen photos, items of memorabilia, and posters from the period: an ideal gift for readers interested in Mod music and fashion but also social history. 

My latest book, also written and designed by me; ‘Mojo Talkin’ – Under the Influence of Mod,’ (2017), is a 514-page heavy hardback book which uniquely covers many aspects of Mod history.

Tony Beesley

The book includes extensive coverage of Mods on Film and TV, including DJs, record collecting, Mod literature, European influences, politics, female fashions, influences and attitudes, the connections with Punk – including soul music’s profound influence – the contemporary bands and 21st-century Mods … and much more. Hundreds of rare photos go with the in-depth narrative and include contributions from Mod people across the decades.

This book is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed worldwide selling volume ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices,’ which introduces a whole plethora of Mod related subjects. It is the first book to completely cover Mod from its very start to the present day and was approved and enjoyed by Paul Weller among others.

Mojo Talkin’ 

 Complementing the critically acclaimed ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices,’ it is a new and refreshing insight into the history of Mod 

With a core theme documenting Mod’s influence across a myriad of mediums, many of which have not been explored before, this book is a captivating and compelling study of the most relevant and influential youth-led phenomenon since the dawn of popular culture.

 Stylish, precise, intensely researched and as fast-paced, diverse and visual as the subject itself, ‘Mojo Talkin’ is the authentic voice of Mod evolving across the decades.

Press Reviews for Mojo Talkin’

“It’s a seriously captivating and insightful tome that explores a variety of subjects intertwined with the Mod scene from across over five decades.” (Scootering Magazine)

“An impressionistic portrait: Mojo Talkin’ does a fine job at trying to encapsulate the many facets of the movement. For those wanting to get into the real nitty-gritty of the scene, I doubt there’s anything more extensive and intensive than this.” (Shindig Magazine)

“Tony Beesley leaves no stone unturned over 500-plus pages; a truly exhaustive cataloguing of the fashions, fads, faces, music and mythology. The chapters on the depiction of mods in cinema, the movement’s links to US soul music, and the potentially woolly debate about the politics of Mod are especially enlightening. It’s an admirably complete project that probably weighs more than a Lambretta scooter.” (Terry Staunton: Record Collector magazine) 

“This book’s strength is its amphetamine-driven telling of the fast-paced – and enduring – nature of Mod. Mojo Talkin’ is a must-read Mod tome that will sit well upon the shelf of any neatly turned out Mod.” (Peter Jamachiak: Vive Le Rock magazine) 

“A testament to the broad church of Modernism.” (Neil Sheasby – Stone Foundation) 

“An invaluable resource of reference and historical relevance on the subject of Mod – Mojo Talkin’- Under the Influence of Mod, by Tony Beesley, is the essential read for Mods from all eras.” (Jayne Thomas: Mod & Soul website)

All our in-print book titles are available at the official website www.tonybeesleymodworld.co.uk

we offer author-signed editions along with a personal dedication service on request. 

The books are also available at Amazon  UK, eBay and available to order at most good book outlets.


Tony Beesley; writer, book designer and publisher.

I have always believed in the ‘Do it Yourself’ philosophy of punk! No-one is going to go ahead and do it for you; the odds are more than likely, stacked completely against you in the first place, and ambitions and aspirations are ideals seemingly way out-of-reach! Yet, the spirit of defying those odds and likewise confounding our detractors, challenging ourselves beyond our own endurance and simply getting up and giving it our best shot can be the way to achieve, regardless of the chances of success!

Initially, upon completing my first book manuscript, I tried to gain the attention and interest of a few publishing houses. Due to their disinterest, I decided that I was going to publish my books myself, kick-starting our fledgeling publishing company ‘Days like Tomorrow Books,’ in the process. In all perfect honesty, I knew very little – I was a child of the Zerox fanzine generation of writers, in fact, I had produced a couple of said Zines too – my knowledge of design, layout, and presentation was limited, to say the least. But, I was willing to learn, adapt, and push forward with an intense ardour and unrelenting drive to learn, to get my first book on a bookshelf.

Associates mocked me at times, few believed in me – my wife and sons aside – and those that did support me, I am sure, felt that I had way too much ambition for my own good; I can totally understand this. 2008 was a momentous learning process and I wrote, researched, interviewed, formatted, proofed (badly to begin with), designed and published a 1000 copies of my first book, ‘Our Generation’ in 2009. It sold quickly, was soon on the shelves of WH Smith, HMV and various other outlets; how I achieved this so quickly is beyond me. This book was followed by further print-runs and a succession of music culture themed book titles as I continued to steer my one-man publishing venture into new waters, often murky, and uncharted depths that threatened to swallow my idealistic aspirations in one tidal wave of corporate indifference.

Since those days the climate of bookselling has changed dramatically and the risks, obstacles, and challenges have increased in so many ways. Despite this, I have written, designed, and published eight book titles. My last three have included two epic-sized hardback volumes chronicling the many diverse influences of the Mod, Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices & Mojo Talkin’Under the Influence of Mod.’ Comprising almost a 1000 pages between them, the two volumes cover a huge array of Mod-related themes; objective, thoroughly researched and accompanied by 100s of striking images from Mod’s late 1950s inception to the modern age;  the two books are vast in scope and ambition. I aim to keep these two books in print indefinitely, hoping that generations to come will use them as part of their reference points when reading about, or participating in Mod culture in person.

Our latest book, ‘The Bigger Picture,’ by Mod author, Don Hughes, is a visually impressive document of his days as a Mod during the 60s, but also including a plethora of 1950s and 60s memorabilia: photos, rare posters and paraphernalia. My wife, Vanessa, is now on board with our small independent publishing/writing business taking on promotion, accounts, and publicity etc.

This year has seen us publish our first book title by another author and next year will see a further two book titles by another author. Other book projects are also in progress and we move into a challenging and uncertain future of publishing with a keen eye for improvisation, ideas and the will to adapt; all in that original spirit of ‘anyone can have a go’ do-it-yourself idealism so prevalent in my punk years.

‘The future is unwritten,’ Joe Strummer of the Clash openly stated, and we, in our small but unique way, aim to endeavour to write at least a part of it.

To connect with Tony and his books:

All our in-print book titles are available at the official website www.tonybeesleymodworld.co.uk

OOWzers: Win our exclusive Only One Woman MUG


we have a limited edition

Only One Woman


and it could be yours.

All you need to do is send us a selfie with a copy of

Only One Woman (paperback or Kindle)

on holiday or somewhere special to you and we will enter your photo into our draw.

The winner will be sent our exclusive Only One Woman MUG.

To enter send your photo to our


Facebook Page IN-BOX as a message.


The draw will be made at the start of October, so hurry up.

Graham Bonnet – writer of our Foreword


Available in digital stores and in Paperback from Waterstones

ISBN: 9781783757312

Here are some photos we have been sent already.

Nigel in Abingdon

Christina in Cyprus

Gloria in Moscow, Red Square, with Tsar Canon.

Janet and her friend Christine.




ReviewSpot.co.uk has a draw for a signed copy of Only One Woman….

Win A Signed Copy Of Only One Woman By Christina Jones And Jane Risdon!

Posted in Competitions

On 19 Aug, 2018

By Janice Rosser



Latest competition now up!

For your chance to win a signed copy of Only One Woman By Christina Jones And Jane Risdon ,

please sign up for the newsletter by direct messaging me on FB or Twitter.

Members already registered do NOT have to do this.

Draw will be held on Bank Holiday Monday August 27th at 7pm. (U.K residents only)

My thanks to Christina, Jane and Accent Press.

https://ws-eu.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=GB&source=ac&ref=qf_sp_asin_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=oapschatblog-21&marketplace=amazon&region=GB&placement=1783757310&asins=1783757310&linkId=f2da7a7c1680c23a3350a75ad5cdbd71&show_border=false&link_opens_in_new_window=false&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=ffffffYou can buy a copy of this book directly from Amazon by clicking on above link.

Award Winning Only One Woman: Favourite Co-Written Tale 1st Place….yay!



The Wild Dreams Indie Publishing Award 2018


(Christina Jones and Jane Risdon)

voted for by the public.

Thanks everyone who voted for us, and thanks to wild Dreams Publishing for awarding us this fabulous award.

To purchase Only One Woman:

Paperback (via Waterstones etc): ISBN 9781783757312

Amazon: ISBN 9781783757329

ISBN: 9781783757312

Simon & Schuster: ISBN 9781682994252

Only One Woman: Graham Bonnet writes our foreword and look….


Only One Woman

Iconic singer Graham Bonnet

has written our foreword and here he is with his own copy

duly signed by Christina and I and sent to him in Los Angeles.

Thank you Graham,

looking forward to seeing you soon in London

on your tour.

Meantime his new album is out and available:


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RenzandStella/

We are on Instagram: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janerisdonwriter/

Here are some links….
ISBN: 9781783757312

Jenny Kane’s Opening Lines with Jane Risdon

Jane is with Jenny Kane over on her blog ‘Opening Lines.’

I  am delighted to welcome the lovely Jane Risdon to my blog, with her ‘Opening Lines’ from Only One Woman.

Written in tandem with Christina Jones, Jane is sharing the first 500 words from her part of the story, Renza’s Diary.

Over to you Jane… 

It is 1968 and Renza is about to go to abroad with her family, joining her father who is working there with the MoD. She’s facing 3 years overseas and isn’t happy. Scott and his band, Narnia’s Children, move next door to her. They are over from the Channel Islands to tour and record their first single. It is love at first sight but it is short-lived. Vowing undying love and secretly becoming engaged, Renza leaves for Germany within weeks, Scott believes the band will be in Germany soon and they can meet up. Renza promises to come back to England as often as she can. Narnia’s Children tour up and down the country and one night they take the stage at St. Barnaby’s Hall where he sets eyes on Stella who has only days to live, she is convinced. Set in the UK music scene of the late 1960’s Only One Woman is sheer nostalgia: the music, fashions, the changing society of the Swinging Sixties, the Cold War, and so much more – a love triangle set in Europe, the Mediterranean, Jersey and England in the grooviest decade of the 20th century by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon.

First 500 words from Renza’s Diary (Only One Woman)

May 24th 1968 – late

What a flipping nightmare of an evening. I really thought I’d never get home in one piece. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Someone up there hates me I’m sure.

If only Selina hadn’t lost her handbag at the Top Rank, I’d have caught the last bus back from Reading and I would’ve been home on time. Instead I’d gone back with the others to look for it – thankfully it had been handed in at the cloakroom and nothing was missing. Luckily I had just enough money for the train, which I’d had to run for. Selina’s dad took the others home in his brand new car as arranged, and there wasn’t room for me as well. I reckon he could’ve taken me but Yvette refused to let me sit on her lap in the front, in case I ripped her Mary Quant stockings. Sometimes I really want to do her a mischief.

They’ve got to do something about our local station, it’s just too creepy for words. Steam from the train almost suffocated me as I crossed the bridge to the exit on the opposite platform; all very ‘Brief Encounter’ I remember thinking, in an effort to stop my mind wandering off into ‘Hitchcock-land.’ Talk about cough myself silly, and my eyes stung something rotten as I tried to find my way in the pitch black; the two over-head lamps didn’t help much, they should do something about those flipping lights, I could’ve broken my neck, or even worse, tripped over in my new pink kitten heels and broken one of them.

I slowly took the steps down to the lane beside the station, glancing around me all the while – I admit it, I was a little freaked out. It’s always deserted, and you can never be too careful. Not long ago a dangerous prisoner escaped from the nearby asylum and hid in the waiting room for days before being recaptured. Hardly anyone uses the station since the cut-backs by that old idiot, Beeching, and the trains are a bit hit and miss since they messed with the timetable, so the convict was able to wait for his twisted ankle to mend without much danger of discovery. For all I knew, another Jack the Ripper could’ve be lurking in there waiting for me to pass, that’d just be my flaming luck.

I was in so much trouble. Forty minutes later than agreed. She’d never believe me about the bag, but no other excuse came to mind as I walked down the lane. I was going to be so dead.

Oh God!

I had such a fright. Something or someone, made a noise behind me, so I stopped and listened, but I really felt like running. Some sort of night creature, silly girl, I decided as I walked on. But there it was again. Was someone behind me?

I turned and peered into the pitch dark – I’m still shaking as I write this…


Author Jane Risdon









Only One Woman Accent Press



Only One Woman Facebook


Find out more about Jenny Kane via her

Facebook Page: 



Our Cardiff Book Launch for Only One Woman Video Interview

Our Cardiff Book Launch and Signing

Only One Woman

at the offices of our Publisher,

Accent Press

(which is also Octavos Book Store and Wine Bar)

on 30th May 2018.

Only One Woman is in Paperback for stores as well as and e-book and paperback for Kindle. You can get it at Waterstones,

(you may need to order it)

Indie Book Stores,

and online in stores including Amazon

UK/USA/Germany/France/ Canada/Australia

and elsewhere


Paperback: ISBN: 9781783757312

Simon & Sschuster North America: ISBN: 9781682994252

E-pub: ISBN: 9781783757329

Here is a taster with foreword written by Graham Bonnet


Our Publisher, Hazel Cushion, interviewed Christina and I

and it

was videoed by our

Publishing Manager Katrin Lloyd.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let us know, we’d love to know you are here.

Jane and Christina xxxx

video (c) Maureen Dean Barlett with permission.

We had a blast at our Only One Woman Abingdon Book Launch and Signing. Photos here….


had a fabulous launch at

The Bookstore, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

15, Bury Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3QT

Tel: +44 (0)1235 539200

on 9th June 2018

Look at the fab window display they created for us. Amazing.

Christina and I welcomed friends old and new, Facebook Friends and followers of our Facebook Page.


Here we are signing 3 copies of Only One Woman for our draw winners

We had a blast.

They say they did too.

We signed book copies, nattered, and had a great laugh.

And we sold a lot of books….Yay!

and there were balloons….

Oh! and we had a 1968/69 disco with vinyl spun by the fabulous Rob.

We’d like to thank everyone who came for taking the time and trouble to meet us and share our day, and we appreciate that some of you travelled for a few hours as well. You are stars.

Storm Grayson was there too.

She came to our Cardiff launch and we really loved seeing her again, in spite of her being up all night and having had days of stress and frustration when her website for The Writers Newsletter vanished off the internet and her host company could not help her retrieve it.

Thankfully just this weekend it was all reinstated but not before Storm was close to pulling all her hair out.


Welcome back Storm, we both appreciate your support of Only One Woman

We hope authors and readers alike will visit her newsletter. It is a fab read, especially when we are in it.

The Abingdon Blogger

was there to cover the event

Abingdon Blogger

Here is what he had to say:

“Abingdon Blog: Book Signing At The Bookstore – a 1960’s disco, balloons galore, lots of flowers and a crowd of happy book-buyers: here are Jane Risdon and Christina Jones with their just-published novel. Teaser: Renza and Stella were in love with the same man and they both wrote their diaries – mostly about him. He was a musician, and all this happened in the 1960s. The diaries are now revealed, and published as ‘Only One Woman’. Signed copies available at The Bookstore.”

Christina and I would like to thank Ian Collett and Jane Karpa of The Bookstore and their staff for being such fabulous hosts and making our day special.

We left lots of signed copies of

Only One Woman

with them, so do drop in if you live nearby and pick up a copy and of course, browse their lovely books store  and support them in difficult times for book stores the world over.

We both got flowers from happy readers and we thank them for thinking of us on our special day.


It is International Independent Book Store Week

as I write this post.  Let’s keep them with us. It would be awful to see them vanish.

Here are some more moments from our launch for you to enjoy.

Guys love our book too….many of our Amazon reviews are from men who have loved Only One woman

Messing around like school kids

You can also get

Only One Woman


Waterstones UK

ISBN: 9781783757312

in other countries too

(order it if it is not on show)

as well as on

Amazon UK


USA/Australia/Germany/ France and more…

ISBN: 9781783757329



Barnes and Noble etc:



 Simon & Schuster USA/Canada:


For more up to date information and buy links for Only One Woman do please visit our Facebook Page


All Photos (c) Jane Risdon 2018

And we have another video

1960s Movie Star Adrienne Posta picks three winning names for our Only One Woman draw

Adrienne Posta – 1960s Movie Star – has drawn 3 winning names in our draw for signed paperback copies of Only One Woman.

This paperback features a foreword written by rock icon Graham Bonnet

and includes photos of both Christina Jones and Jane Risdon with a different back cover too – the epub copies do not have these.

The event at which our draw took place was a fund-raising weekend of 1960s music in aid of Jessie’s Fund – Music Helping Children

 Congratulations to:

Carole Jackson (Australia)

Jan Wyatt (Australia)

Gloria Clulow (England)

signed copies are on their way this week

Adrienne gave an interview to Pam Howes (author of 1960s music novels and blogger)

who was

one of the organisers

before Adrienne made the draw announcing our winners – shown on video here:

The winners correctly answered a question about Only One Woman which was: Which movie, released in 1968, starring Adrienne Posta, did Stella go to see in Only One Woman?

The answer is: Up The Junction.

Congratulations to all our winners, better luck next time to those unlucky this time round.




Paperback for Mass Markets: Only One Woman is published 24th May 2018


mass market paperback

is Published

24th May 2018

and is available from

Waterstones’ and Amazon

order from Waterstones’ if it is not in stock yet.

ISBN: 9781783757312

It is available for Pre-order from Amazon now.


UK/USA/Australia etc.

This paperback differs from the E-pub and Kindle Paperbacks already available from Amazon

Here is how:

We have a fabulous new back cover

We have a fabulous foreword written by

Graham Bonnet

of The Marbles, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Ritchie Blackmoor, Alcatraz and The Graham Bonnet Band to name a few.

Here is a snippet of what he said about reading Only One Woman:
‘For me Jane and Christina’s book – “Only One Woman” – reflects very honestly those times and the feel of those times. I can picture myself back in London when reading some of the pages. The 1960s, for me, was probably the most wonderful time in the music business with such bands as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Bee Gees and more: the list is endless’.

This book will take you back to that time; read on readers.

Graham Bonnet, Studio City, Los Angeles, California

Christina and I hope you will enjoy reading Only One Woman as much as our reviewers to date have – 37 5* reviews from guy and gals alike….

Please let us know: leave a review or a comment on amazon and our Facebook Page if you have, and here of course.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenzandStella/

Only One Woman: Book Launch with 1960s Disco in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, 9th June 2018

We are having a 1960s book launch for 


and you are all invited…

Christina and I are having a 1960’s launch party for ONLY ONE WOMAN at The Bookstore here in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on Saturday June 9th from 10 a.m. to 2p.m.

Please come along and say hello and join in the bopping (there’s a 60’s disco) and the chatting (we can both chat – a lot) and of course we’ll be signing copies of ONLY ONE WOMAN, too

If you cannot make Abingdon, perhaps you can come to Wales!

We are also having a book launch at Octavo’s Book Cafe and Wine Bar,

West Bute Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 4AJ

30th May 2018 6-8pm

bring your 1960s 45s to play and we’ll be playing ours too….


ISBN: 9781783757312

ISBN; 9781783757329

ISBN: 9781682994252


We cannot wait to meet you all….

Only One Woman FREE DRAW: 1960s Movie Star ADRIENNE POSTA is Drawing our Winners. The Question is:




We are giving away 3 signed copies of our mass market Paperback Edition of


in our draw –

which closes NOON 1st June 2018 

to the first 3 names drawn

who can answer this question:


No need to have read the book to be able to answer

Send your name and the answer to our Only One Woman Facebook page via in-box/messages



1960s Movie and Singing Star

of such movies as:

To Sir With Love, Up the Junction, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, and many other movies

is going to make the draw which will be held in Buxton, Derbyshire, at a 2 day event in aid of

Jessie’s Fund – Music Helping Children.

Draw is open to all

The Paperback was published by Accent Press on 24th May

and is slightly different from the Kindle Paperback and E-book on Amazon/Kobo etc.

This edition features a foreword written by Rock Icon,


formerly of The Marbles, Alcatraz, Ritchie Blackmore, and Rainbow etc; he now has his own band, THE GRAHAM BONNET BAND.

Graham Bonnet Band

Here is a snippet of what he said about reading Only One Woman:
‘For me Jane and Christina’s book – “Only One Woman” – reflects very honestly those times and the feel of those times. I can picture myself back in London when reading some of the pages. The 1960s, for me, was probably the most wonderful time in the music business with such bands as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Bee Gees and more: the list is endless.

This book will take you back to that time; read on readers’.

Graham Bonnet, Studio City, Los Angeles, California

Christina and Jane will be signing copies of  ONLY ONE WOMAN at their publishers in Cardiff, Wales, on 30th May between 6pm – 8pm (UK) and invite you all to drop in and enjoy the 1960s music and vibe. Bring your own 45 rpm records to play and Paperback to be signed.


For those wanting to join us at our launch at Octavos Book Cafe and Wine Bar
West Bute Street
CF10 5LJ


Call 029 2049 1220

We both hope you will come and say hello and join us in celebrating ONLY ONE WOMAN.

ISBN: 9781783757312 

ISBN: 1520037635

ISBN: 9781783757329

For details of the Fund Raising Event in aid of Jessie’s Fund – Music Helping Children – refer to the posters here:

Celebrate the Paperback/Audio Publication of Only One Woman with us 30th May 2018

To celebrate the launch of the Paperback (for mass markets/stores) and Audio editions




30th May 2018

Please join us

from 6pm until 8pm


Octavo Book Cafe and Wine Bar, 

West Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5LJ 

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This event is going to be a lot of fun – bring your favourite 45 rpm records from the 1960s to play and enjoy as we sign books and generally get into the groove. 

We will be playing songs from our two YouTube Playlists for you to enjoy.

If you want to come in your 1960s gear, please feel free. It will make for some memorable photos.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your age, as long as you are young at heart…


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For fans of the 1968 hit single


sung by

The Marbles

there is a special treat.

We are so chuffed to be able to reveal that the foreword to


has been written by iconic rock singer and former Marbles/Rainbow/Michael Schenker/Ritchie Blackmore singer, 


Photo taken in Studio City on 12/15/15.

The title of our novel is taken from the song of the same name which was a massive hit in 1968. It was written by The Bee Gees especially for Graham Bonnet and his cousin, Trevor Gordon: The Marbles.

Last year iconic singer Graham agreed to write the foreword for our mass market Paperback edition (to be published 24th May).

To read the whole foreword, which tells of working with The Bee Gees, please buy the Paperback on or after 24th May from stores or come along to our book launch in Cardiff – West Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5LJ – on 30th and we will sign your copies.
Here is a snippet of what he said about reading Only One Woman:
‘For me Jane and Christina’s book – “Only One Woman” – reflects very honestly those times and the feel of those times. I can picture myself back in London when reading some of the pages. The 1960s, for me, was probably the most wonderful time in the music business with such bands as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Bee Gees and more: the list is endless’.

This book will take you back to that time; read on readers.

Graham Bonnet, Studio City, Los Angeles, California

Graham is on tour in UK/Ireland in August with The Graham Bonnet Band and has a new album out.
Graham’s tour info:www.shockcity.co.uk

Guys, gals love our book – so they tell us – and many of our readers and reviewers are men which is so cool.

We’d love to meet all our readers.

Pop along and say hello to Christina and Jane and their publishers

on 30th May 2018

We are excited to meet you.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore: Update on Only One Woman Feb 2nd 2018

The authors today are, Jane Risdon and Christina Jones who co-wrote Only One Woman released in November 2017. This is the debut novel for Jane Risdon.

About Only One Woman

Two women, one love story.

June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.

December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott at a local dance. He’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and if this one night is all they have, she’ll take it.

As the final colourful year of the sixties dawns, the question is: can there be only one woman for Scott?

One of the recent reviews for the book

This story was right up my street. It had everything I love to read about. The sixties can do no wrong for me. The music, obviously, the clothes and the way they were described, the band, like so many young bands I grew up knowing, some that made it, some that didn’t. Even the food, AND a mention of The Alan Bown Set, all balanced out in a lovely romantic tale of a three way love, leaving me pulled first one way and then the other. I felt sorry for both Renza and Stella in equal parts as they fall in love with Scott.I’m still not too sure he made the right choice, maybe, maybe not. He was quite young to make big decisions. Hopefully there will be a sequel as I’m sure the story could be taken further and I’d love to know what the future holds for them all. Fingers crossed. Thanks for a lovely read.

 Read the reviews and buy the bookhttps://www.amazon.com/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP

and Amazon UKhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP

Read more reviews and follow Jane on Goodreads:https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5831801.Jane_Risdon

Connect to Jane Risdon via her blog:  https://janerisdon.wordpress.com/

A  selection of books by Jane’s Risdon can be found on her Amazon Author Page


A small selection of books by Christina Jones.


Read the reviews and buy the books: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Christina-Jones/e/B001K8U57Y/

and Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Christina-Jones/e/B001K8U57Y/

Connect to Christina via her blog: https://christinajones-writing.blogspot.ie/

I hope that you will find some books to add to your reading list. Thanks for dropping in.. Sally


Karen King sits in on guitar hero Scott’s exclusive interview – Only One Woman: no spoilers!

This week we’re going back to the sixties for a character interview with Scott, the lead guitarist with Narnia’s Children. Scott is Renza and Stella’s love interest in Only One Woman a semi-autobiographical novel by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon.



Let’s find out a bit about the book first


Two women, one love story.

June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.

December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott at a local dance. He’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and if this one night is all they have, she’ll take it.

As the final colourful year of the sixties dawns, the question is: can there be only one woman for Scott?

Oooh, I wonder who Scott will choose? Let’s take a look at his interview with a teen magazine journalist, mid-tour end of 1968 to find out a bit more about his band.

Hi Scott, it’s great to meet you having heard so much about you and your band, Narnia’s Children. Thanks for agreeing to this interview, I know you are busy touring and recording so I appreciate you stopping in for chat.’

Scott: ‘Hi, no sweat, it’s my pleasure.’

So, let’s start with you telling our readers something about yourself and Narnia’s children. When did you meet and form as a band and where did you get the name Narnia’s Children? What brought you to England?’

Scott: I’ve known the guys since we were in our early teens, we were in various bands in Jersey (Channel Islands), and over time we gravitated to the same band which was called something else back then, ‘Singapore Sling.’ Scott laughs. ‘Living in Jersey you’re never far from alcohol – it’s an ‘in’ joke. Anyway, we got a manager, Stephan, who’d seen us playing and liked our own material, which we were writing and dropping into our sets when we could. As you know everyone wants to hear cover songs until you’re established and have a hit of your own. Actually, he came up with the name, Narnia’s Children, because we are all fans of C.S. Lewis’ books. We made some demo recordings – which he paid for – and he flew to England, with the tracks, to meet with record company guys trying to get a deal for us. He also met with various booking agents and managed to secure several tours of the UK, Europe, and he got us on some Mediterranean cruises so we had money coming in.  So tours were scheduled and we had to spend time song-writing and rehearsing, ready to come to England, because we also had lots of auditions for record companies lined up through our fixer, Psychedelic Smith. We also had some famous song-writers offering us their songs to record as well. Really cool stuff, you know. Stephan has financed everything so far…and here we are.’

‘Wow! That’s pretty awesome. You must be having a blast. What do you enjoy most about touring and recording?’

Scott: Recording is cool. Such an intense experience, especially when you’re recording songs you’ve written. Hearing the ideas all come together – you know, from the lyrics scribbled in a notebook, to the chords, melodies, and everything all melding into this track, this song, and then working with a producer who ‘gets it’ – well, it’s just such a trip.’ Scott sighs happily. ‘And touring, well that is the ultimate. Right there and then, nothing but you and the music and the fans. Such a buzz. I love it. Yeah, it’s a drag having to travel up and down the country, you know, one night you’re in Penzance and the next you’ve got to get to Wick in Scotland and then over to Hamburg and your life is just the van, the road, various B&B’s – if you’re lucky and don’t have to sleep in the van – and then it’s on stage, and then it all starts over again. Knackering, oh! Sorry, but you get my drift.’

Full on I imagine. You obviously love it. Did you ever consider getting a ‘proper’ job, or have you always wanted to be a musician? Did you have lessons on bass and guitar – just two of several instruments you play?’

Scott: I’ve never wanted to do anything else, ever since being a choir boy, I guess.’ Scott giggles. ‘Actually, I learned to play with Bert Weedon’s, ‘Play in a Day,’ book. And playing along to The Stones’ records, Blues artists, and musicians like that. I’ve never had a lesson.  My step-father got me my first serious guitar – flew to England with me and we did the rounds of instrument shops in London and we got a second-hand Gibson SG – cherry red – the most beautiful thing. It cost a fortune, and I had to promise to repay him, so I had to make playing work. My Dad wanted me to join the Navy, I nearly freaked – imagine it, me in the Navy. That’s when I left home and moved over to Jersey to my Mum’s. She gets it with me and my music.’

You write with Zak and Mo at times, where do you get your inspiration?

Scott: Yeah, we write together sometimes and other times we all write on our own. If I’m writing on my own anything can inspire a song, usually the music comes first as I mess around on the guitar until I get a tune of some sort, then I’ll hum along and words sometimes come  – the melody comes the same time. Sometimes songs come all in one go, almost complete. I wrote a song called, ‘You Never Should’ve Gone Away,’ which came all at once. I shouldn’t tell you this – off the record Okay?’ The interviewer nods. ‘Well, there’s this girl, Renza, we sort of got it together when the band first came over, a really beautiful girl, well, I wrote it for her. It just came all at once. So cool. But don’t tell anyone about me having a girlfriend, because it’s not good for our image and Stephan would freak if it got out.’

How are you coping with fame and the adoration of some many fans, mainly girls of course? You’ve even got a fan-club and you’re meeting lots of famous people, it must be a million miles away from Jersey. Tell us a little about it?

Scott: Yeah it’s full on, wild, such a blast. I’m loving it, we all are. It’s hard to keep your head in the right place, but Stephan and our roadie, Rich, keep our feet on the ground and are really strict with us. That’s all good. Yeah we’ve got a fan-club and a fan-club secretary, Stella, a real cool chick. She’s a music journalist and came to one of our gigs and Stephan asked her to work for the band, so she handles all that stuff.’ Scott looks into space for a moment. ‘We’ve met some really far out cool cats, just amazing song-writers and record producers, some famous actors and actresses and singers. We’ve played with some awesome bands, really famous guys. We’ve learned loads from them, from playing all the time, you know. It makes you really tight on stage.’ He smiled. ‘And it’s cool walking down the street and people recognise us and ask for autographs and stuff. We get loads of fan mail, gifts and all sorts you wouldn’t believe…’ He laughed and winked.

Scott, thanks so much for chatting with me about Narnia’s Children and your life as a musician. I hear you are off to do Radio One with Stuart Henry soon, so good luck with that. We must do this again.’

‘Scott: ‘Yeah, let’s. Been fab, thanks.’

He sounds quite a character, doesn’t he? Here’s an extract from the book. The extract is from Renza’s Diary: Renza has managed to get a lift back to England to spend a weekend with Scott and the band. Things didn’t quite go to plan, Scott wasn’t there when she arrived and was missing for 36 hours and when he returned he didn’t have an explanation. Later the band were playing with a famous Reggae band in Dunstable….

Renza’s Diary: January 20th 1969

We all went to the California Ballroom later in the afternoon to set the gear up and run through the songs before the audience came in about 7pm. Rich managed to shut my fingers in the van door and I nearly passed out with the pain, not that Scott seemed overly bothered. He seemed pre-occupied all the time, we’d hardly spoken since he arrived back from Harbury Green or wherever.

I felt miserable, so lonely and unwanted.

We spent most of the time in the dressing room with the other band on the bill that night, Doc Holliday and The Cards. It should have been so excited meeting such a famous singer whose song, ‘The Egyptians,’ I loved. But all I could think about was that Scott didn’t love me anymore, didn’t want me around… It was like a nightmare.

Apparently Doc Holliday and the Cards were on the same record label as Narnia’s Children and also shared the same management now. Stephan has become the band’s ‘Personal Manager’ whatever that is. I thought he was anyway.

Doc was a funny sort of bloke really, his band didn’t seem to like him much and they argued the whole time. I discovered Doc had several wives and loads of kids and his band kept mentioning them when they had a shouting match about anything – from the songs not being sung right in rehearsal, to the way the microphones were situated. It was mayhem.

Still, I would love to tell Yvette and Selina all about this – their faces would be a sight worth seeing! The venue was heaving; people were still trying to get in when the show started.

Doc’s band were terrible to him on stage, in front of everyone, not just in rehearsals. They deliberately turned his mic off so that when they started their song, no one could hear him. It took him a while to realise that he was not being heard by the audience. Doc’s band fell about laughing but I thought it was cruel.

Backstage, afterwards, they had a massive fight, and I mean a real brawling fight. We thought the police might have to be called as they looked as if they meant him real harm.

Narnia’s Children were amazing as usual and I loved watching them. Zak was so sexy, a bit like Mick Jagger in the way he moved, and he had the girls eating out of his hand from the get-go. Scott had his usual moody stance on stage which really turns me on, and it also seemed to turn all the other girls on too. Some screamed his name out and a couple tried to get on the stage.

Everyone sang along to the songs too, which was groovy. Sadly, though, there was nearly a fight at one point – and this one was nothing to do with Doc Holliday and the Cards. Some weird skin-head blokes dressed in big boots, braces and with really cropped hair got up on the stage and tried to thump Scott and Zak, and accused them of looking at their girlfriends, but seriously, I thought it was the girls who were doing the looking.

And I couldn’t see how the band could help looking at someone at some point since they were facing the audience. But it was nasty, and in the end Zak smacked one of them on the back with the mic stand and twirled it round and round until the skin-heads got off the stage, and some big black guys came and shoved them out of the Ballroom….

If you want to read more of this fascinating book you can buy it here: 

Only One Woman Accent Press
Only One Woman Facebook



Meet The Authors


Christina Jones has written for teenage and women’s magazines, had her own humour column in The Oxford Times and published her funny, feel-good Bucolic Frolic novels to great acclaim. She lives in Oxfordshire.




Jane Risdon worked with management of musicians, singersongwriters, and record producers, rubbing shoulders with the great and glamourous all over the world. She and Christina have been friends since the Swingin’ Sixties.

Author links


Karen King – our generous host:

Bring a little sunshine into your life with one of my sassy, feel good romances. From Amazon and other book stories. Only 99p on Kindle. All books available in print too.

Jane chats to Rainne Atkins about writing Only One Woman, the music business and crime writing….

An Interview with Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon

Last week Only One Woman by Christina Jones and ‎ Jane Risdon was in the spotlight here on Rainne’s Ramblings.

Today I have Jane Risdon here with me and she has agreed to answer a few questions.


1-image1Hi Jane, thank you for joining us.

Hi Rainne, thanks so much for asking me here today, it’s wonderful to chat with you and your readers.


Would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and your background, please?

Where to begin? I met my husband back in the late 1960s when his band arrived in England to record and tour and we’ve been together ever since. We have one son who lives in California with his wife and their three children.

Married to a musician my life has never been what you call normal I guess. He recorded and toured and I held down a ‘proper’ job in the early years – I worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall, and in various other government departments until we decided to go into the ‘talent’ side of the music business.

We built an International Music Management company together, managing and producing singer-songwriters, record producers, musicians and bands of all musical genres, as well as working on TV and Movie soundtracks – and on some other areas of movie and TV production too – and most things music related. We lived mostly in the USA, Taiwan, Singapore, and of course England. We’ve had some interesting adventures.

How did your journey as a writer begin?

I’ve always wanted to write but with our lifestyle it was never practical. Babysitting testosterone fuelled young men and hormone crazed young female singers never allowed for time to ourselves. We lived life in the fast lane, to quote the Eagles.

Back in the 1960s my husband’s fan-club secretary, Christina Jones, was also a rock journalist and short story writer for teen magazines and she knew I wanted to write and we always said we would write together one day. Trouble is I had an eye on writing crime thrillers. She went on to become a successful best-selling, award-winning author of what she calls Bucolic Frolics, so how we’d ever write together was a conundrum.

Fast forward many years and I found time to write and started – on the quiet – writing crime stories for anthologies and I began work on a few novels. She asked to read what I’d written and after some discussion we decided to get on with it and write together. By this time I was already signed with Accent Press – oddly she was also signed with them by then as she’d ended her former publishing contracts with the ‘big’ boys.

I have never written anything remotely classed as ‘romantic’ so it has been a journey for me writing Only One Woman with Christina. There aren’t any dead bodies, crimes to solve, just a rollicking good tale of two girls in love with the same musician back in the late 1960s. I cannot tell you how I itched to find somewhere to stick a corpse.

What inspired Only One Woman, and how did you come up with the title?

23316470_156873331586164_1681214585976771281_nInspiration for OOW (as we call it) was something that came from the ether. Christina and I wanted to write together but as I said before, she and I write in completely different genres. Finding something we could write about together seemed a distant fantasy. In 2012 I moved house and as I was going through some boxes I came across my husband’s old tour schedules, posters, fan letters, and some of our old diaries and I began to make notes. These soon became little chapters under diary date headings and before I knew it I’d written Renza’s story and it cried out for another voice. I sent it via email to Christina and she loved it and started writing her parts which turned into Stella’s story. This went on until 2014 when it went into our publisher who wanted to publish it later that summer. We wrote by email, text and Facebook messages – very 21st century! Due to various comings and goings at our publisher it has taken until November 2017 or it to be published. I learned patience in the recording studio making records and working with young musicians – just as well!

Only One Woman is the title of a single written by The Bee Gees which was a massive hit for The Marbles – lead singer Graham Bonnett went on to be a super-star with Rainbow and many other bands. In fact Graham and his girlfriend are reading OOW and he is going to write a foreword for the main Paper-back (for stores worldwide and audio) publication 24th May 2018. He just needs to find time as he is recording and touring at the moment. Fingers crossed. OOW is peppered with songs and musical references. It is about the blossoming UK music scene late 1968/69. We have our own YouTube playlists.

What is your favourite scene from Only One Woman? Can you give us a peek?

Gosh, now there is a question. I don’t really have a favourite scene – I love them all but how about when 16 year old convent girl, Renza, is taken by her new boyfriend, lead guitarist Scott, to a gig on Salisbury Plain with Narnia’s Children for the first time and she experiences ‘the swinging sixties’ full on. This is part way through a chapter. Renza is at an after-gig party with some weird and wonderful hippies and musicians….


Renza’s Diary from Only One Woman:

June 29th 1968 – later

…A girl in a tight fitting bolero top and hipster trousers came over to us and flung her arms round Scott, kissing him on the mouth, a bit too long and hard for my liking. Scott didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to push her away, and she melted into him as if she was trying to come out the other side.

‘Scott lover, how’s it hanging?’ She sounded just like Fenella Fielding, all breathy and wanton.

‘Yeah Scott, just how is it hanging?’ I snapped and flounced off to where I could see Rich sitting on his own, hugging a beer.

‘Hi Renza, babe, what’s up?’ Rich held the glass up to me in greeting and took another drag on his ciggy.

‘Who’s that girl talking to Scott?’ I asked plonking myself down next to him on the huge bean bag. We both nearly fell off as it settled itself with my extra weight.

‘Hey, don’t waste good beer babe.’ Rich held his glass away from me as I wriggled to get comfy.

‘Rich, who is she?’ I asked again as I saw her drape herself all over Scott and nestle into his shoulder. The bitch! Scott didn’t seem too bothered.

‘She used to help Stephan – he’s the band’s manager I told you about earlier – in the office in Jersey and then she came to the mainland with her boyfriend. She’s no one important, she sometimes hangs with the band when we’re over.’


I watched her like a hawk. Scott looked over and waved. The nerve!

Rich took a few gulps of beer and patted my leg. ‘Don’t fret about Scott, he’s mad about you. She’ll get the message after tonight.

I looked round the grubby room with its crates and boxes, and fake Greek Taverna decorations hanging from the walls, the fake fishing nets, glass baubles attached, and wine bottles with candles burning in them. And the couples seething in a mass on the floor, in the shadows, and on the cushions, doing goodness knows what, and I wanted to go home.

Actually, I wanted to get Scott to myself. Back home. In the village. Where things were normal.

‘Magical Mystery Tour’ came on and I suddenly thought about having to miss The Beatles at the Hammersmith Odeon, because I was ‘Mrs Spoffington’ in the school play, and couldn’t get out of it. Instead of The Beatles giving me the thrill of my life I was stuck on stage singing ‘Oh I do like to be beside the sodding sea-side,’ to a hall full of boring parents. Not that mine bothered to go.

‘Rich, mate, hi. Good gig. Stephan about tonight?’ A huge man of about thirty came up to us and nodded at me. ‘Want to sort some stuff out with him.’

He was wearing beads and a kaftan with an orange and green squiggly pattern on it, and had his ears pierced. His long black hair hung in tight curls around his shoulders. Mum would just love him.

‘Oh Renza, this is Psychedelic Smith,’ Rich said. ‘Remember we told you about him, he’s our fixer.’ I remembered. Apparently he was helping Stephan get Narnia’s Children a record deal. Everyone had to kiss up to him I was told. Well, thankfully, I don’t.

Psychedelic Smith dismissed me with a brief smile before turning back to Rich.

‘Stephan’s back in the smoke mate, got Top of the Pops with The White Knights, so he’s gotta be there for that.’ Rich drained his glass and put it on the floor next to him.

‘Right, yeah, going up the charts fast. That’s cool, I’ll ring him later. I’m in town tomorrow and want to arrange some record company auditions for the guys. Got some label interest.’

‘Do I need to re-organise anything for the boys?’ Rich asked.

‘Nope, I’ll sort some dates out with Stephan, he’ll let you know in good time. I’ve got some songs lined up for the guys to hear, so we’ll sort some dates for visiting publishers in town, too.’

I couldn’t help wondering what mum and Mrs Digby would say if Psychedelic Smith turned up in the village to visit the band. I giggled quietly.

Psychedelic Smith began to roll a ciggy and offered one to Rich. .

Rich shook his head and got to his feet. ‘Nah, mate, gotta drive back soon or her Mum’ll kill me if she’s not home on time, won’t she, babe?’ Rich smiled at me and looked at his watch, then went off to round up the band.

Psychedelic Smith took a few more drags and offered me one. I shook my head. I could just see me floating in the front door with Mum waiting up to look me over and make sure I hadn’t ‘been up to anything’.

‘No thanks.’

The Demis Russos look-alike shrugged and headed for the kitchen. Dad would have a blue fit if he knew I was ‘fraternizing,’ with blokes in dresses.

I knew the only reason I’d been allowed out so late with the band was because Mum quite liked Rich and he’d sweet-talked her into letting me go to the gig. God! If she could see me now, in this horrible house with everyone stoned, she’d have a migraine for a week worrying in case the village found out.

I looked at my watch. If we didn’t leave soon I was going to be seriously late and that would mean all hell breaking loose. Scott was nowhere to be seen now and Rich was chatting to ‘The Bitch’ by the food. I know it is horrid calling her that but she’s got right up my nose, wall-papering herself all over Scott.

People were still wrestling on the floor which meant I had to watch where I looked: I didn’t want to appear a Peeping Tom, though it was hard not to cast a sly glance now and again. I mean, seriously, some were actually ‘at it’ in full view. Anyone would look, wouldn’t they?

Thinking about it, how do you ‘do it’ in public without all your bits and stuff being on show? I couldn’t see anything, you know, rude or anything, but they were definitely ‘doing it’, I just couldn’t fathom how.

‘You look deep in thought,’ Scott made me jump, ‘what’re you looking at?’

Before I could answer he followed my gaze to the nearest couple. He threw his head back and laughed loudly. I blushed as if I’d been caught out doing something naughty.

‘Ah!’ he said, ‘I see.’

I felt really stupid. I could feel the heat rising up my neck to my face, thank goodness it was so gloomy.

‘Bit of an education eh?’ He grabbed my arm and led me through to what could only be called an apology for a kitchen. ‘Can you wait here while I get the others? We should leave now. Don’t move. I won’t be long.’

And off he went again….onewoman



Who is your favourite character from your book and why?

I have to say Stella, as she is the sophisticated, worldly, gorgeous babe Renza would love to be and she has the best scenes I think. I am sure everyone is routing for her throughout the book. She seems to have the most fun with Scott.

What do you enjoy most about writing…?

Reading the finished product back to myself and thinking I’ve gone as far as I can with the story and then getting feedback from my husband – poor man has to read it all.

And what motivates you to write?

I love chatting and relating stories, writing them is just a step further. I spent a lonely childhood – eldest of a large family with siblings a lot younger than I – reading and writing kept me sane. I find writing helps turn the pressure cooker off inside my head when something is giving me grief. Also, living the life we’ve led there are so many stories to tell, so many characters we’ve met who did the most outrageous things – all fodder for a writer. How could I not write about some of it! Hollywood is stranger than fiction for starters.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

No I cannot do that. I can write to a deadline and word count if told to but I don’t break it up into hours or days. I just write until I get tired, or other things call for my attention.

Do you use your personal experiences in your writing?

Well, I guess so, who doesn’t? Indirectly, subconsciously, we all must. There are some events which I’ve experienced which would be criminal not to include in my stories, however, I am always conscious of not stepping too far out of line and waking up with a horse’s head in the bed or concrete boots on! One has to be very careful.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning?

Names are important to me but funnily enough names just pop into my head and they are usually very pertinent to the character I am writing. Sometimes it is a name which gives me inspiration for the book.

Your stories have appeared in a few anthologies, did this experience help move you to writing your novel?

I’ve had several novels on the go simultaneously as well as writing short stories and flash fiction at the same time, so it has not helped or hindered me really. Short stories and flash fiction are great for concentrating the mind, making every word and sentence count. I tend not to go in for long sentences or chapters when I can help it. Keeping the pace up.

Could you give us a brief synopsis of one (your favourite) of the stories?

51ennCOdBPLWow this is difficult. I love all my stories – I can’t help it. As it is Christmas (as I write this it is, anyway**) I will tell you a little about ‘Merry Christmas Everybody,’ published by Accent Press in the anthology ‘Wishing on a Star.’ The title is from The Slade hit.

It is based on true events one Christmas when we were recording in a studio in the North of the UK, owned by a super-star guitarist. We were working with a now deceased producer and I have exaggerated events a lot, and of course indulged in poetic license.

Twister is in the studio recording their follow-up album to their last massive hit and tensions are rising as the band work day and night to keep to their recording schedule and budget. Time is money. Their new producer obviously doesn’t like them and there’s no love lost on Twister’s side either. Daily they meet to review the previous night’s work but something’s wrong with the previous two night’s recordings – there’s keyboards all over the track and no-one in the rock band has played keyboards on the tracks and won’t be either. They are not bloody Night Ranger for goodness sakes. The producer is furious and accuses the band of sabotage and the band accuse him, but it soon becomes clear that other forces are at work…soon the atmosphere erupts and violence ensues…

**My apologies for the delay in getting this interview posted

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I am an avid reader, I love photography and can be found with my camera photographing the countryside, wild-life and ancient churches, cathedrals and villages – some of which are later locations for my stories. I do family history research, I love astronomy and science and I am a history buff. Actually I’m curious about everything so keep my mind active with all manner of activities. I have undertaken 7 university courses since 2015, mostly studying Forensic Science and Criminal Justice so that I can have a basic understanding and knowledge for my crime writing.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I first wanted to be Doris Day and then I decided I’d love to dance with Fred Astaire so you can see a theatrical streak appearing. As a teen I wanted to be a writer and had hoped to work as an apprentice journalist on the Sunday Times with a dream of being a War Correspondent – the school careers officer soon put paid to that idea. I ended up working for the government for years until the theatrical side was satisfied when I managed bands etc.

Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

Oh cripes I read and read…I love reading. I love so many authors, but here are a few: Kathy Reichs, Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, Michael Connolly, Peter James, Steall Rimington, Frederick Forsythe, John le Carre, Roger A Price, and so many more. Anyone writing crime and espionage basically.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take three people who would they be and why?

My husband, my son, and Professor Brian Cox because we can all talk about music and science and argue about UFO’s and so on.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

That is a huge ask. I would love your readers to seek out my writing – I have a wide and diverse range of work from crime to ghost stories (not too scary) to basic fiction, and therefore I hope to have something for everyone. Only On Woman has been an epic undertaking second only to my Ms Birdsong Investigates series – in with my publisher still. Like all writers we need readers who review and are happy to share their thoughts on Amazon and GoodReads. For some reason it makes the publishers happy and any agents looking at an author. I have stories in two anthologies last December: Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017, and Stab in the Dark: Christmas Capers 2017 – both best-sellers on Amazon.Jane Risdon Christmas

Oh! And if you want a giggle….Only One Woman was put in the wrong category on amazon and we had a little wait for them to put it elsewhere (still not right but better). They put it in BDSM and Erotica – it went to #33 in their chart. Hilarious but actually, not very helpful for us. It is Women’s Fiction and Saga but we are not holding our breath.

And finally, a few quick-fire questions if you don’t mind…

When was the last time you walked for more than an hour?

I walked in the lake district for a whole day.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

I’d love to Time Travel.

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

I am an owl and a lark. Working in the music business you learn to operate on little sleep and cannot afford to stay in bed and we mostly work at night anyway.

When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

I sing often and sometimes my husband and I sing duets and harmonise. It has to be done and we cannot help ourselves. It is in our blood.

Thank you for spending this time with us, Jane. If you wouldn’t mind leaving us some links before you get back to your busy schedule!

Thanks so much Raine. I loved doing this.

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Only One Woman

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View across the fields (c) Jane Risdon 2011

View across the fields (c) Jane Risdon 2011

Rainne’s Ramblings and Only One Woman

Only One Woman by Christina Jones and ‎ Jane Risdon


Two women, one love story.



June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.

December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott at a local dance. He’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and if this one night is all they have, she’ll take it.

As the final colourful year of the sixties dawns, the question is: can there be only one woman for Scott?

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Dear Reader


If you love music and fashion and everything 1960s, you’ll be sure to love this novel.

Not just a love triangle, Only One Woman charts the music and fashions of the time and is peppered with World Events which shape and change society forever.


 The Authors:

Jane Risdon

1-image1Having spent most of her life married to a rock musician, Jane Risdon had little time for writing such was their lifestyle. Later she and her husband managed recording artists, musicians, singer-songwriters, and record producers, and at one time a couple of actors too, rubbing shoulders with the great and glamorous all over the world. With time to herself at last, Jane’s experiences in the music industry and earlier working life, in various government departments, have influenced her writing career.

Although mostly a Crime/thriller writer, Jane has dabbled in other genres and has contributed to over a dozen anthologies as well as working on several novels.

She and Christina Jones have been friends since the Swingin’ Sixties. It was their shared love, experience, and memories of that era which has resulted in their co-authored novel.

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Amazon • Goodreads


Christina Jones

1-15875203_10154717507376223_8218999800026339337_oChristina Jones has written all of her life (as well as having millions of Proper Jobs including factory worker, secretary, nightclub dancer, blood donor attendant, barmaid, waitress, civil servant and fruit picker) Christina first had a short story published when she was just 14 years old. She has written for teenage and women’s magazines fiction and non-fiction for a number of years, had her own humour column in The Oxford Times, and has contributed to national newspapers.

Christina is the recipient of several awards for her writing.

Website • Blog • Facebook • Twitter



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3 Lucky Winners of our Signed Paperback Edition of ONLY ONE WOMAN

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DEE HAYES, NICOLA DAVIS AND JAN CLARKE – many congratulations.

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UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP

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Almost Valentine’s Day 1968 – Stella’s Diary Feb 10th…

Valentine’s Day 1968 is almost upon Stella and Scott. Here is what she wrote…

Stella’s Diary

February 10th 1969

I’d had an interesting week in Leighton Buzzard. It’d snowed every day, and the wind had whipped it into drifts, so the road outside the house is covered almost to the tops of the hedges. We’d still managed to get out though. I think Scott loved the snow almost as much as I did, and because we both liked walking, we’d slipped and slithered our way into the town, playing snowballs and window-shopping, on most days.

Stephan had apparently left a list of bookings with Scott – keeping Narnia’s Children busy until they leave for Scotland at the end of the month, and maybe, I hoped, with some sort of money coming in – and they’d had three gigs in the last week: two reasonably local in dance-halls, and one at a club near London.

I’d gone with the band to both the local ones – the roads were tightly-packed with snow and resembled bobsleigh-runs, but Rich drove carefully and we made it one piece – and had a great time. It seemed that this had always been my life… being with Scott, travelling in the van, curled against him, his arms round me, his guitar case under my knees, the stack of speakers wobbling precariously behind my head, the radio blaring, everyone else laughing, talking, singing, smoking… watching them be brilliantly talented and stupendously sexy on stage, so very proud to be part of it all, buying them beer and crisps in the break, and then going home in the early hours of the morning and falling into bed with Scott and making love and sleeping until the afternoon.

I never wanted it to end.

I’d stayed in the house alone for the third gig. It was quite scary once they’d all gone, but I locked all the doors, switched all the lights on and turned Luxembourg up really loud on the radiogram in the sitting room and worked. Yes, worked!

Well, sort of. I started sifting through the mountain of fan club mail Stephan had left, addressing envelopes and popping fan club application forms into them, then keeping the original letters to type up the contact names and addresses so that when I got home I could send out the monthly newsletters. There were, as Stephan had said, masses of them, from all over the country, and lots of them from girls who seemed to have met Narnia’s Children on some Mediterranean cruises they’d done the previous summer, and most of them declaring undying love for one or other or all of the group. I tried really, really hard not to feel jealous about the ones who said they’d love Scott for ever.

Then, I came across a beautifully written letter postmarked Germany and signed Renza Rossi.

I stared at it. At the perfect writing in pale blue ink – fountain pen, not ballpoint – Renza… in Germany… Renza Rossi… What a beautifully exotic name that was. A beautiful name for my beautiful 16 year-old rival… No, there was no rivalry… there never would or could be… Renza would win every time. I shivered and it had nothing to do with the cold.

She’d written to Stephan saying Scott had told her recently that there was a fan club being set up and as a laugh she’d like to join and so would one of her brothers and a sister – Jasper and Sophia.

I exhaled heavily and, with trembling hands, folded three application forms into an envelope and wrote the German address on the envelope. Then I pushed it to the bottom of the pile and tried to forget it. But I couldn’t. It seemed so very wrong to be writing to Renza, to be sending her fan club stuff, when I was sleeping with her fiancé.

Maybe Vix had been right all along – maybe I was a man-stealing, groupie tart. I shoved the fan club stuff away, turned the radio up even louder, tried dancing round the sitting room to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’, but it didn’t work. For the first time I felt horribly guilty and I didn’t like it at all.

I abandoned the fan club stuff and the futile dancing, and concentrated on finishing Scott’s birthday card instead in the hope that it might make the guilt go away. His birthday was on the 14th, and I’d decided to make him a massive card, using all my art A level skills (Miss Loxley would be so proud, I thought), with cut-outs and sketches and cartoons – all relevant to him and his life. It was my secret labour of love and I’d worked on it when the band was practising and hidden the card under the bed (no one seemed to clean under the beds ever) when Scott was around. It was all mad hippy stuff, and rock’n’roll, and guitars and books and astrology and sci-fi, and everything else I thought he might like. The colours were clashing and shocking and probably glowed in the dark. I really hoped he’d like it.

By 1 in the morning I was falling asleep, but I’d finally finished it, and after careful deliberation,  wrote “Happy Birthday Superstar, with all my love always and forever, Twinkle XXXXX”. Then, turning off all the lights and the radiogram, and taking the chain off the door, I took it upstairs and carefully wrapped it in “happy birthday” paper before hiding it again. After that I quickly got ready for bed and slipped under the covers.

Oh my lord! The bed was freezing! I pulled the eiderdown up over my nose, closed my eyes and tried really, really hard not to think about Renza.

I must have fallen asleep despite the guilt and the icebox temperatures because the next thing I knew was Scott sliding into bed beside me – even colder than I was.

‘What time is it?’ I asked, trying hard to keep his icy feet away from mine. ‘Is it time to get up?’

‘4.30-ish… You been ok?’

‘Fine, thanks. Good gig?’



I curled against him. ‘Scott… tell me about Renza – no, listen…’ and I told him about the fan club applications.

He laughed in the darkness. ‘Sorry, I should have forewarned you. She’d told me that the kids wanted to join – they’re smashing, those two… she’s got a lot of younger brothers and sisters, and her mother – who’s a dragon, believe me – uses Renza as an unpaid nursemaid and skivvy.’

I swallowed. It was like Cinderella only real. I’d had such a cushy life in comparison. ‘I’ve put a form in for her, too. Because she asked for one. Shall I take it out?’

‘No, don’t. She says she’s our number one fan – which she is – so she deserves to be an honorary member at least.’

‘Okay. I’ll make her number one on the list. And this way she’ll know what you’re all doing when you don’t write or ring her often enough?’


‘Do you have a photo?’


‘Can I see it?’

‘Now? Seriously?’

‘Yep. Scott… I have this picture in my head, I’d love to know what she’s really like… I know it’s all wrong, and rubbish timing, but…’

He sighed, swung himself out of bed and felt his way round to the dressing table-wardrobe thing. ‘There…’

He pushed the black and white photo into my hand and switched on the bedside light.

I stared at it. At Renza. At last. She wasn’t just beautiful – she was stunning. It looked like a posed studio photo, and she was looking wistfully over her shoulder: so slim, gorgeous complexion, perfect features, huge eyes, a waterfall of straight blonde hair tumbling out of sight…

I handed it back. ‘Thank you. She’s very, very lovely.’

‘She is. And special. Like no one I’ve ever known in my life. Sweet, innocent, unworldly, funny, tells amazing stories, knows so much, could do anything she wanted but isn’t allowed to, and has a really terrible time at home.’ He put the photo back on the shelf, closed the door, switched off the light and slid into bed. ‘I love her very much. I promised her I’d sleep with that photo under my pillow – and I always do – until now. But I’ll never hurt her.’

‘No…’ I turned away from him, my words muffled by my pillow. ‘I know.’

To read more of Only One Woman and get the whole story in e-pub and Paperback UK/USA/Australia visit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP

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Only One Woman 

almost 500 pages  of 1960’s nostalgia

  a fast read we are told.

24 5* reviews too.

Guys and Gals love it 

We hope you will too.


e-pub is on special offer for Valentine’s Day:

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UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP    99 UKp.

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In celebration of St. Valentine’s Day and the grooviest decade of the 20th century: Only One Woman e-pub special

In celebration of St. Valentine’s Day

Accent Press has given

Only One Woman

a special discount for purchasers of e-pub copies.

For a limited period only, it is available as follows:

UK: 99p 


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Almost 500 pages of sheer authentic nostalgia for the late 1960s music scene in the UK.

The Paperback edition is not included in this offer.

Take a trip back to 1968/1969 with Renza, Stella, and Scott. Discover how they met, what happened to Scott’s band, Narnia’s Children, when they came to England to record and tour.

Enjoy the music of the grooviest decade of the 20th century with Narnia’s Children. Remember the fashions, the vibe of the Swinging Sixties, and recall the huge world events and social changes shaping the lives of Renza, Stella and Scott.

Journey with Scott and Narnia’s children as they tour the UK and Europe and find out what happened on board the cruise ship around the Mediterranean.

Pick songs with them as they explore music publishers  in Denmark Street (Tin Pan Alley) in London, and write their own.

Meet the famous people they rub shoulders with as they gig their way across Europe and the UK.

Follow Renza to Germany and discover what happens to her long distance relationship with Scott. Will she ever see him again?

Share Stella’s last night on earth, convinced her looming operation will kill her.  Experience her dilemma as she battles her conscience over Scott and Renza.

Visit the Island of Jersey – in the Channel Islands – with Stella, and meet Eva, Dan, and Holly – spend a long hot and romantic summer with Scott and Stella – or is it?

Rave 5* reviews, loved by guys as well as gals and a great way to spend a few hours:

escape to the world of ONLY ONE WOMAN.

Inspired by The Marbles hit song ONLY ONE WOMAN – written by The Bee Gees

Oh! and Renza and Stella have their own YouTube Playlists to go with the book – their favourite songs which are mentioned by them and you can listen as you read.

For more detail pop over to Only One Woman’s Facebook Page.


Only One Woman: Opening Chapter – a taster from Renza’s diary May 24th 1968


Here is a preview of the opening chapter of


published by Accent Press

Only One Woman coming 23rd November 2017

Renza’s Diary

May 24th 1968 – late

What a flipping nightmare of an evening. I really thought I’d never get home in one piece. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Someone up there hates me I’m sure.

If only Selina hadn’t lost her handbag at the Top Rank, I’d have caught the last bus back from Reading and I would’ve been home on time. Instead I’d gone back with the others to look for it – thankfully it had been handed in at the cloakroom and nothing was missing. Luckily I had just enough money for the train, which I’d had to run for. Selina’s dad took the others home in his brand new car as arranged, and there wasn’t room for me as well. I reckon he could’ve taken me but Yvette refused to let me sit on her lap in the front, in case I ripped her Mary Quant stockings. Sometimes I really want to do her a mischief.

They’ve got to do something about our local station, it’s just too creepy for words. Steam from the train almost suffocated me as I crossed the bridge to the exit on the opposite platform; all very ‘Brief Encounter’ I remember thinking, in an effort to stop my mind wandering off into ‘Hitchcock-land.’ Talk about cough myself silly, and my eyes stung something rotten as I tried to find my way in the pitch black; the two over-head lamps didn’t help much, they should do something about those flipping lights, I could’ve broken my neck, or even worse, tripped over in my new pink kitten heels and broken one of them.

I slowly took the steps down to the lane beside the station, glancing around me all the while – I admit it, I was a little freaked out. It’s always deserted, and you can never be too careful. Not long ago a dangerous prisoner escaped from the nearby asylum and hid in the waiting room for days before being recaptured. Hardly anyone uses the station since the cut-backs by that old idiot, Beeching, and the trains are a bit hit and miss since they messed with the timetable, so the convict was able to wait for his twisted ankle to mend without much danger of discovery. For all I knew, another Jack the Ripper could’ve be lurking in there waiting for me to pass, that’d just be my flaming luck.

I was in so much trouble. Forty minutes later than agreed. She’d never believe me about the bag, but no other excuse came to mind as I walked down the lane. I was going to be so dead.

Oh God!

I had such a fright. Something or someone, made a noise behind me, so I stopped and listened, but I really felt like running. Some sort of night creature, silly girl, I decided as I walked on. But there it was again. Was someone behind me?

I turned and peered into the pitch dark – I’m still shaking as I write this. I told myself it sounded like a hedgehog – had to be. Don’t panic, no-one comes down here at night I reminded myself. Oh cripes, that lane, I hate it. Anyone could jump out to get you, seriously, I’ve often wondered, who’d hear you yell? No-one that’s who. There aren’t any lights or houses down there.

I must remember – next time the girls ask me to the Top Rank – to leave early and get the bus on time. Next time, who am I kidding?

I’m going nuts – I hope no-one ever reads this, I’d die, but I started singing quietly to myself – I do that sometimes when I’m feeling a bit nervous – well seriously spooked actually. I turned on to the main road relieved no-one had grabbed me, and headed for our house. That’s when I heard him…

‘What time do you think this is?’

Well, I nearly died of fright. I actually jumped. I couldn’t work out where the voice was coming from. It seemed to echo all around me in the dimly lit street. Someone had followed me, that’s what I kept thinking. I hurried past the bus stop when I heard him again. What to do? Should I run? If I screamed, bringing Mum and half the village outside, Mrs Digby would just love that and if I got murdered, well, it didn’t bear thinking about. All this went through my brain at a rate of knots as I tried to work out where the voice was coming from. Would I make it to the gate? Bloody Selina and her stupid bag. I was going to die all because of her stupid bag.

‘You’re out very late.’

I froze. I was partly relieved it wasn’t Mum or Mrs Digby’s voice. It was definitely a man’s. Who the hell was it? I was considering running but I didn’t want to break another heel, not after the last time. The Cobbler said he couldn’t repair it, if it snapped again. Besides, the bloke didn’t sound like a cold blooded murderer, well, not really. I mean, what sort of killer asks you what time do you call this, before bumping you off?


The voice sounded even nearer and something made me look up towards the row of shops not far from our house.

A window was open in the flat above the hairdresser’s, Shirley’s, and I could just make out a head and shoulders poking through. Someone with long dark hair; definitely a bloke.

Thank god, at least I hadn’t been followed by a crazed axe murderer after-all.

‘Mind your own business. What’s it got to do with you when I come home?’ I stopped walking and stood looking up at him. I couldn’t make out his features in the dark, and being short-sighted, even full daylight wouldn’t have made that much difference anyway.

‘You’re lucky you don’t have school tomorrow, coming back this late.’

Flaming nerve! He sounded like my Dad. Who the hell was he, I wondered. Too young to be one of Mum’s spies surely.

‘Drop dead!’ I turned and flounced off towards our gate, trying hard not to go over on my ankle on the uneven pavement. I had a bad case of the shakes thanks to him.

‘I’ll be watching you. Make sure you get your beauty sleep,’ he shouted just as I closed the gate, anxiously glancing at the house in case Mum or Mrs Digby next door had heard someone shouting at me in the street.

I’d never be allowed to forget it if Mum thought Mrs Digby had heard me making a spectacle of myself in public. Even getting murdered would’ve been my fault, causing her embarrassment in front of the whole village. Perish the thought – a public spectacle, no matter it wasn’t instigated by me. Fingers crossed most people were in bed by now anyway.

Just as I got to the front door it was yanked open by Mum and she stood aside in the hall to let me pass. Dread flooded over me. She’d heard me shouting. I was dead!

She was about to start on me when thankfully one of the kids woke up, having a nightmare or something, yelling and thrashing about in the room they all shared. With a withering look at me, she stomped upstairs to see whoever it was.

I heard something about ‘chocks away,’ followed by a huge thud. Then Mum yelling, ‘You can’t go to the loo in there! It’s the wardrobe! Get out of there!’ followed by a lot of shuffling about.

That would be my ten-year-old brother Simon doing a parachute jump from the top bunk and then mistaking the wardrobe for the loo – it often happened after he’d been messing about with his Air-fix.

Blessing him and his night-games – for once – I used the commotion to sneak into my room and get ready for bed. 

Hopefully Mum wouldn’t come into my room, and if she did I would pretend to be asleep. I’d get away with it – but she would certainly start on me in the morning.

I sighed heavily and prepared myself for not being allowed to go anywhere ever again in this lifetime…

We hope you enjoyed this first chapter and that it has whetted your appetite enough to buy our book. 

Published 23rd November 2017 on Amazon and in Paperback and Audio May 24th 2018

Let us know what you think. 

Here are the links to where you can purchase copies.

UK: http://amzn.to/2x1UIdr

USA: https://www.amazon.com/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/dp/B075D88JBP

Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/d/Only-One-Woman-Christina-Jones-ebook/B075D88JBP

For more about Only One Woman visit our Facebook Page:


Stella and Renza have their own YouTube Playlists too: 



Only One Woman is back on theauthorsshow.com when they will be repeating Jane’s interview every month

Now repeated monthly on Channel 6 at The Authors Show you will find Jane’s interview and more. It’s on a 24-hour loop anytime. Go to the link and click, scroll down to Only One Woman and enjoy her interview. So much there about co-writing with Christina Jones, how the late 1960s UK music scene and fashions inspired their novel and more…



You can read more on Jane’s blog: https://wp.me/p2dg55-4r7


Drop in to theauthorshsow.com on 20th August and catch my interview first broadcast 13th August. Chatting about Only One Woman, writing with Christina Jones and the music and vibe of the 1960s – and I’m reading from Only One Woman too. Thanks. Jane.

Jane Risdon


If you missed my interview do please pop over again on 20th August when theauthorsshow.com will be repeating my interview for those who missed it on 13th August.

Jane with OOW June 2019

You need to go to the link on theauthorsshow.com and then look for my name and book title and click on them.

I spent a fun 15 minutes chatting about Only One Woman and writing with the talented Christina Jones, plus we nattered about being teens in the 1960s and what a fab experience that was for teens living through those heady times.


I read from Only One Woman – just under 2 minutes to tell you something about the iconic Carnaby Street back then. I think those who’ve heard it, enjoyed it a lot. I hope you will too.

You’ll encounter it all in

If you want to know about the…

View original post 57 more words

Interview with Scott for Katrina Maria Hart

Interview with Scott from Only One Woman by Jane Risdon

Scott and a huge thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and what you are doing right now?

Hi, thanks so much for wanting to chat to me. At the present time we – Narnia’s Children – are rehearsing for another tour – Europe this time and we are really excited. There is a chance of playing in Switzerland, and that would be ace. We’re about to move to another place – new flat or house or something. Stephan, our manager, is going to be meeting us in the week to give us the low-down.

Mo and I have written some new songs so we need to rehearse them and then decide where in our set they should go.  Rehearsals are usually fun and I enjoy working out our four-part harmonies with the lads, and my lead breaks, it sort of all comes out of thin air really, but when it does we all have to work hard to get everything perfect. And of course musicians are never satisfied and as the new songs settle in we often make adjustments and change things.

I’m also making some new trousers from an old pair of jeans I am fond of. It’s hard going as the denim is so tough – I’m adding leather patches and putting a new zip in, which I hate doing, but it saves Stephan, our manager, having to fork out for gear for me. He is bank-rolling the band until we earn enough to pay our own way. I seem to have a knack with sewing, no idea why. Don’t tell anyone, they’ll think it very un-cool!

2) How did you come to be in a band? How does it feel to sing songs other come to listen to? Tell us a bit about it.

Don’t laugh, I taught myself guitar when I was about 13 – Bert Weedon’s Play in a Day – on a wooden guitar my cousin made me. Most kids learn like that or just plonk around ‘til they play something. I got together with some friends from school (in England – not Narnia’s Children) and we thought it would be fun to form a band, and I taught the others to play guitar. It was really a laugh. We were called The Senators. We played at the local Youth Club, covers of all the cool bands like The Beatles and stuff, nothing too complex as we were all learning still. Thinking back I am sure it sounded dreadful.

Then I moved to Jersey and found another band….Main Street. They were all excellent musicians and I played some lead and when the bass layer left, they asked me to play bass which I could do. There were two lead guitars so losing me wasn’t a big deal. We did covers of The Stones – Under my Thumb, The Who – Pictures of Lily and I Can See for Miles, and lots of Motown which is so cool, including Martha Reeves and The Vandellas – Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide. It was fun, covering Pink Floyd’s Arnold Lane. Stuff like that. We went down really well.  After a while the band line-up changed, they just wanted to play for fun, but I’ve got ambition. I left to join another one which became Narnia’s Children – I was back on lead guitar again, and we started song-writing too. Yeah we’re serious musicians, you see, with big ambitions.

We played the Tropicana a lot and that’s where Stephan saw us and decided he wanted to manage us, get us a record deal and out of Jersey, touring and getting heard by more kids, on radio and TV, you know. Jersey is really small and to make it you’ve gotta be in England. We signed with him, came over to England and it’s just great, so cool.

3) Who is the least favourite person in your life right now? Why?

Nah, I don’t do that stuff. Someone messes me around or something I move on, leave it behind.  Don’t do favourites really. It is all about Karma.

4) If you could swap places with a fellow person you are with or have met, who would it be? And why?

Wow, that is a question. I’d love to be able to play like Jeff Beck, or Eric Clapton, Hendrix you know, or be in a band with one of them, but most bands have one lead player so I can’t see that happening. Rod Argent is really cool and a nice guy so I might like to be him but seriously, I never think like that. I am me. I am pretty mellow about being me.

5) When you met Renza what was it about her that made you want to marry her so badly?

Oh! Renza, such a babe. We moved into the village and every day I’d see this chick in her school uniform waiting for the school bus outside the flat. She had the longest, sexiest legs you’ve ever seen – the whole band agree, ask them. Her golden hair nearly touched her backside it was so long and in the spring sunshine, it shimmered. She was, well is, gorgeous. I never saw her that close up or anything to begin, but I knew she was beautiful, inside and out. I knew the first time I saw her that she was the one. I wrote a song for her right away. You know, we didn’t meet for ages. In fact I don’t think she knew we were around. We hardly saw her other than going to school and coming back, or shopping with a load of little kids following her around. Our flat was near her house and we could see into her garden from the balcony. Renza was always hanging out washing or doing chores of some sort. I really wanted to whisk her away.

The first time we spoke was that night she was late back from seeing The Equals in Reading. I had to talk to her so I did something really dumb and shouted at her from the flat window. It was funny, she nearly had a blue fit. Daft when I think of it, scaring her like that, in the dark. I sent her notes – her little brother Jasper used to come round every day asking us to go out to play with him – and he took them to her. He cracked us up. So we’d go and play football with him and that way I got to find out all sorts of stuff about Renza. She never replied or anything. Now I know her, I can tell you her Mum is a bit of a dragon. Anyway I nearly bottled it, but I sent another of many notes asking her out and out of the blue she wrote back and said yes. I was blown away. That first evening, walking round the village talking to her, just magic, really, and I kissed her and I knew right there and then, I had to marry her. Don’t laugh, but the band had already decided she should marry me too.

6) What do you believe your main propose is? And how far will you go to achieve it?

I guess I might discover my real purpose when I’m older. I dunno really. Playing is all I want to do and to do it as best I can. I want everyone to enjoy my music, for it to make them happy, to chill to and to make love to I guess. I never want to do anything else and I guess I’ll do what it takes. Music isn’t like anything else and so far it’s all new, really cool and no real pain to do. I would like to have some money and eat regularly though.

7) What is your favourite song that you’ve played? Why? Does it have a special meaning?

That’s a hard one. A while back if you’d asked I wouldn’t have been able to answer as I love so many songs, there are so many great ones out there. But now, meeting Renza, and the way I feel about her, well, the song I wrote for her ‘Because of You Girl,’ is meaningful and when we play it on stage, I feel choked up. But we do have a special song, and I sing it to her all the time. The Marbles had it out earlier in the year, and it’s called Only One Woman. There’s something about it, we both feel it and love it. Narnia’s Children don’t do it on stage, so it is something special between Renza and me. The Bee Gees are wonderful song-writers, they’ve captured us really well.

8) Have you had any scary moments? Are you scared now? Tell us what happen or why you feel like this?

Where do I start? So many, seriously. I never told Renza this but when we were on the Cruises (we did the Med), we went ashore in Naples and spent a day having a look round. Don’t ask how, but we found our way to a vineyard and they were giving free samples of some sort of wine to visitors and we got chatting to some girls working there and they got us drunk, seriously, it sort of happened. Anyway, the stewards from the cruise were with us, they liked us and wanted to protect us. They all carried knives which scared us stupid but they knew Naples and they were cool guys…Well, as I said we all got worse for wear and I seem to recall some blokes, Italians, arriving on scooters and there was a big ding-dong. I think it was about the girls and us. I dunno. Anyway, next thing there is a huge fight, the guys pulled knives on us and then the stewards all got handy with their knives. We’ve never seen anything like it. Someone called the police and the next thing Zak was arrested, no idea why and hauled off to the clink. They made him stay in overnight which was a pain but thankfully the ship was docked until the next night otherwise we’d have been in deep you know what. I can’t remember much, we all slept in the vineyard I think and I know I had a hangover from hell the next morning. We went to the police station and they let Zak go. We didn’t understand the lingo so just legged it as fast as we could. That was pretty hairy. Hey, I hope Renza won’t read this, or she’ll freak.

9) What is it like growing up in the 60’s among the worry of the cold war?

I think the 60s is the coolest time to be alive. We are so lucky. Everything is new, exciting and so groovy. It’s like someone pulled a plug and all the old stuff has gone down the plug-hole and fresh stuff water’s filling the bath, if you get my drift. I feel – we feel – we can do anything, be anyone, and achieve anything we want. There is such a vibe in the air, you can almost touch it, taste it. It wasn’t that way in Jersey so much, but England. Oh boy! You know that song by Roger Miller – England Swings like a Pendulum Do? Yeah well it does. It vibrates too. So much love and peace people send out. The music is just out there, so much, so new and different. I love that you can wear what you want. I even have pink stuff, I mean, you could never wear pink as a bloke, you know, before; you’d get lynched.

Yeah, the Russians, what are they like? I think it is the Americans getting them all worked up. It’s kinda scary and if you let yourself think about all this ‘one minute to midnight’ stuff they talk about, well, it would do your head in. Very Eve of Destruction…love that song by the way. Whatever we think no-one listens. I’ve seen the Ban the Bomb marches and stuff, and demonstrations, but I don’t know any of it works. Who listens to us? Nope, I guess all we can do is do the best we can and be loving and kind to everyone. I don’t know any Russians and I know they aren’t free like us, but I can’t imagine they want this crap too…oops sorry, I didn’t meant to swear.

10)  Have you done anything unforgivable to someone else? Was it out of love or revenge? Tell us about it.

I don’t think so, like I said I believe in Karma and it wouldn’t be cool, though I know I would hurt Renza if she found out about Stella. I have no idea how all this happened and I never want to hurt anyone; Renza or Stella. Oh, cripes, will they read this? Hope not. I’m dead.

11) Why did you fall for Stella? What affect does this have on your relationship  with Renza? Do you still love her or just lost the spark long distance?

This is hard to talk about, to put into words you understand. I’m not sure myself. Renza broke my heart when she went, we knew she’d go and we’d always be together, but it was lonely without her. There was this big hole, I felt empty and had no-one I’d ever talked to like her, you know, not even the band. Yeah I’d seen my Dad again with her, and it seemed cool, but you know when your parent’s divorce and remarry and have a new family, it is never the same for the original kids. We have no-one, my brother and I. We’re a bit sort of spare, adrift. I realised it when I saw Renza’s family and later seeing Stella’s. I don’t have any of that. I guess I missed Renza and felt lost and when I saw Stella, with her weird hair and clothes and she had a look about her, I dunno how to describe it…anyway, I saw her and she looked like she liked me and then her mate Vix pushed us together. I really thought she was going to have a sex-change operation; that Vix, she is wicked. No-one explained. I felt sorry for her, and there was this chemistry, intense feeling. Well, it just happened. She knew the score and I never lied to her. I told her I loved Renza and always would and we were getting married. Stella accepted that, she’s cool with it. She’s a cool chick. Renza doesn’t know, I need to tell her. I keep plucking up the courage, but I don’t want it to be the end if I do…it’s making me very down you know. I’m confused. I can’t do that to Renza and then what about Stella? I don’t want to talk about them anymore. Sorry.

12) How has touring in the UK been? What have been your favourite moment as far?

Ace, it has been ace. All the places I’ve read about in NME and Melody Maker etc. We’ve been playing them and we’ve been on the same bill as some really cool bands, like Fleetwood Mac and Idle Race, just so many I can’t think of them. Oh, yes and Doc Holliday and the Cards. Such a mega act now and it’s so funny touring with them. The London venues are out there, so cool, so unreal. Samantha’s, and Café des Artistes, I mean, who’d ‘a thought it! Doing press interviews and Radio and well, it’s been just unreal. Getting the record deal has been a dream come true…it’s all been magic.

Scotland has been a bit weird. I mean it is so cold for a start and the snow. Unreal. We nearly go killed in one of the loch’s – the van skidded in the snow and nearly went over the edge, Rich just managed to swerve or we’d have been history. Then the submarine base was just so far out there. American submarines being repaired, right in the middle of nowhere, in a loch we just happened to find when we got lost in a blizzard. Guns and dogs; those guys pointed guns at us. Elgin and Wick were strange places to play. The venues were right in the middle of nowhere, we were sure no-one would come, like being on the moon or something. But they came and they loved us and sang our songs. Aberdeen was a hoot The Assembly Rooms; it’s round with the stage in the middle and the kids just walked round and round following the walls as we played in the middle. We got giddy watching them.

Favourite moment? Not sure yet Ask me this time next year if we are still gigging.

13) What is your favourite colour and how does it make you feel?

Blue. I love all shades of blue. I feel great wearing it, everyone says it makes my eyes, which are turquoise, look bluer. Hey, anything that turns the girls on eh! I’m joking, Renza and Stella say blue is my best colour. I wear lots of black and purple too.

15) Do you feel you are attractive to all women who admire your music? Have you ever had any strange gifts off fans?

I can’t say I feel attractive to girls who like our music. I think they are attracted to musicians, full stop; and not just the girls, if you get my drift!  As for strange gifts, oh wow, if I were to tell you – you’d never believe it. And not just me, Zak get the weirdest stuff, he keeps a case with it all in. What he’s going to do with it, is anyone’s guess. A girl mailed herself to me once – we were out when she arrived and a neighbour had to take her in, unwrap her and feed her. She’d come Special Delivery and nearly got sent to the sorting office to await collection. That is pretty strange but it is not the strangest!

14) If you could have one wish right now what would it be and how would it help your current situation?

Right now I’d like to have a hit record and enough money to bring Renza over and for us to get married right away and live happily ever after. She could do her writing and come on tour with us and be with me always. I dunno how it would help things, what with Stella and all. But truly that is my wish this moment, right now. I miss her so much.  I’m gonna be so dead after this interview, I know I am.

Thank you Scott  for taking part in this interview. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

Hey, no problem, it’s been a gas; thanks for asking me to talk to you.


Only One Woman: the novel

Two women, one love story.

June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.

December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott at a local dance. He’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and if this one night is all they have, she’ll take it.

As the final colourful year of the sixties dawns, the question is: can there be only one woman for Scott?

Not only a love triangle, Only One Woman is a trip back to the late 1960s and is sheer nostalgia, with world events and social change colouring the lives of the characters as they more towards a new decade. Only One Woman is for everyone who loves anything Swinging Sixties, guys and gals, who love the music, fashions and vibe of the grooviest decade of the 20th century.

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Signing books for a lovely fan








It has been months in the planning but yesterday, 25th July 2019, I managed to meet up with a lovely fan, Terry Clark, an author in his own right, of books on local history and the Romans in Britain.

You can find his books in Waterstones Bracknell. Especially the fact-filled, best -selling The Lost Histories of Great Britan. ISBN: 9781795813044

We had a lovely cuppa and he posed for photos with me and Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts as I signed his copies.

Amazingly Terry can quote events from Only One Woman in great detail – quite unnerving when I have to stop and think hard about the who, what, where and when.

Here we are before the fire alarm went off.

With Terry Clark

Thanks so much for being such a lovely fan Terry, it was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with all your books.

Jane xx


Only One Woman. Be there or be square.
Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order)
56 x5* reviews from guys and gals.
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Here is my interview with Jane Risdon

Another fab interview on Fiona McVie’s terrific blog. My last one was 2014 and so much has changed since then. Drop in and say hello. We’d both appreciate it.


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

 Hello Fiona, thanks for having me here.

My name is Jane Risdon, and I am old enough to know better.

Fiona: Where are you from?

I am English – so I am from England.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie, your education, family life, etc.).

I am married to a musician. We met when I was 16, he was 18. We’ve been together 51 years. We have one son and three grandchildren.

When my husband gave up touring we went into the international music industry on the business side – artist, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer management and we also placed music on television and movie soundtracks.

We started to wind things down and I at last found time to…

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